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PCC Ready to Farm Blur Too, Bids on 1,000 Purrs
Julian Son

Purrnelope's Country Club's Community Council made a decision to place Blur bids out for 1,000 PCC at 0.11 ETH each, per a tweet from the project.

❗ Why It Matters

The rationale for creating a Blur bid wall at 0.11 ETH for 1,000 PCC is to allow "speculators" to have comfort in buying into PCC because they'll have a "safe exit waiting". It will also provide a quick exit for holders of the project who want to leave, as the floor on Blur is close to the bid wall.

Not only is it newly formed Community Council's first decision (which was voted on in a snapshot that passed with a 91.33% yes vote percentage), but the move demonstrates belief in its own project.

The Details

  • PCC used 110 ETH to bid 0.11 ETH each on 1,000 NFTs from its own collection.
    • At the time of writing, 37 Purrs have been sold into bids in the 2 hours since the announcement, so 963 bids remain.
  • Team will passively use the KittyVault to farm $BLUR rewards, while doubling as a marketing maneuver.
    • The community will vote on what to do with $BLUR rewards after they arrive.
  • The project opted to raise the funds from kittyvault.pcc.eth without touching its Bored Ape assets (a BAYC, 2 mutants, and Ape #9907).
    • In the past, PCC had sold $APE and $BANANA, so PCC notably stayed away from liquidiating anything from the Yuga ecosystem this time.

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PCC Ready to Farm Blur Too, Bids on 1,000 Purrs
Following Delay, Purrington Estates Mint Set for Tomorrow
Staff Writer

Following a delay, the mint for Purrnelopes Country Club's 'Purrington Estates' is set to take place tomorrow according to a recent tweet.

The mint is set to take place tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. ET and has a supply of 500 with a cost of 0.09 ETH per NFT.

While not all utility is currently known, the Purrington Estates NFT is said to yield $YARN, the project's utility token.

Following Delay, Purrington Estates Mint Set for Tomorrow
Purrnelope's Country Club Delays Land Mint

Purrnelope's Country Club is pushing back the 'Purrington Estates' land sale by six days due to the recent turmoil in the crypto space, the project announced via Twitter on Thursday.

The sale will now mint on Thursday, Nov. 17, with the Tier 2 'Creations' event taking place on Friday.

More details on the land sale and 'Nexus' events are expected on Friday, according to the Twitter thread

Purrnelope's Country Club Delays Land Mint
Purrnelope's Country Club Announces Details of Upcoming Land Sale
Logan Hitchcock

Purrnelope's Country Club will hold a land sale in "Purrington Estates" this Friday, Nov. 11 at 4:00 p.m. ET, according to a tweet from the project. 

The sale will provide 500 plots of land, each mintable for 0.09 ETH. 

Though additional details are sparse, the tweet indicates that "Land will be powered by $YARN," the name voted on by community members for the project's native utility token. 

A snapshot of holders for the $YARN token was taken yesterday, at 6:59 p.m. ET. 

This is a developing story, as more details emerge Lucky Trader will continue to update it. 

Purrnelope's Country Club Announces Details of Upcoming Land Sale
Purrnelopes Country Club $YARN Snapshot Occurring Tomorrow
Staff Writer

Purrnlopes Country Club announced that the snapshot for its $YARN token will be taken tomorrow according to a recent tweet.

The snapshot is slated to take place tomorrow at 6:59 p.m. ET. More information regarding the upcoming snapshot and token will be announced tomorrow as the deadline draws closer.

Purrnelopes Country Club $YARN Snapshot Occurring Tomorrow
Purrnelope's Country Club Shows Off New 3D Models of NFTs
Jason Bales

The claim period for Purrnelope's Country Club 3D model cats is now open, and the team recently showed off an unboxing video via Twitter. View the video here.

There are currently three different model cats to choose from: gm, astro, and golf. The gm cat has a robe and a coffee mug. The astro cat is wearing a space suit. And the golf cat is in golfing attire and fully equipped with a bag of golf clubs.

To claim, head over to the official claim page here and connect your wallet. Then, burn 5 Model Cat NFTs. After burning the NFTs, create a ticket in the project's official Discord and provide the team with the transaction.

Holders who complete all these steps will be given a Shopify discount code (100% off) to buy whichever of the three available 3D cat models they'd like. 

Purrnelope's Country Club Shows Off New 3D Models of NFTs
Purrnelope's Country Club | Ambassadors Update, Companion 2 Airdrop
Lou Sherman

Crypto and NFT Twitter has seen a major uptick in ".pcc.eth" usernames recently. But what is this new ENS sub-domain movement perpetuated by popular NFT project Purrnelopes Country Club?

Here's the latest from the Purrnelope's Country Club team!

ENS Sub-domains

With the recent spike in ENS domain name purchases, many people are starting to get priced out of their unique online Ethereum wallet address identifier. 

Fortunately, a .pcc.eth subdomain is free (plus gas) for Purrnelopes Country Club NFT holders. 

The .pcc.eth subdomain is also a way for Purrnelopes to spread knowledge of their brand on Twitter and Discord.

When you create a subdomain, that is your new wallet identity on the blockchain. For instance, my wallet shows up as loudog.pcc.eth. People immediately know that I own a Purr NFT, and I could easily share this name with someone without having to look up my wallet's full hexadecimal address.


Ambassadors Update

The implementation of .pcc.eth sub-domains have allowed Purrnelope's Country Club to vastly improve its Ambassador Program. 

The sub-domain allows verification between Twitter, Discord, and the blockchain. 

When a user's name matches on all three platforms, they will automatically receive the Ambassador role. 

Having an Ambassador role does not currently come with perks, but perks are expected in the future. This allows the team to completely reset the role without taking away any perks from current Ambassadors.

Users can link their wallet as proof of ownership on Twitter or Discord. Other Twitter users can then easily follow certain people or hashtags connected to their community of friends. 

Leaderboards have created a fun side game within the Discord.

A Discord bot allows Ambassadors to view their follower score, measuring how many .pcc.eth accounts you follow on Twitter.

Connecting a .pcc.eth subdomain creates a psychological connection to your cat NFT. A holder becomes more invested in their NFT when they are allowed to name it.

Every week, one registered .pcc.eth will receive a tier-three airdrop. Having the domain registered makes giveaways simple and seamless.

One Ambassador a week will win a PCC if they complete that week’s quest. Having subdomains makes it easy to complete quests through Twitter, such as following every .pcc.eth account or retweeting an announcement from Purrnelope's official Twitter.


Companion 2 Snapshot

The snapshot for Companion 2 was taken on Apr. 25. Companion 2 will mark the eighth and final airdrop from Roadmap 1. 

The companion was revealed to be a mint pass for "Grandma's Nightstand." The minting of Grandmas will begin on May 16, and these NFTs will earn $Token in the future.

This companion will be in addition to the Purrnelope's Kittens that were minted in November.


Purrnelope's Country Club | Ambassadors Update, Companion 2 Airdrop