PCC Ready to Farm Blur Too, Bids on 1,000 Purrs

PCC Ready to Farm Blur Too, Bids on 1,000 Purrs
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Purrnelope's Country Club's Community Council made a decision to place Blur bids out for 1,000 PCC at 0.11 ETH each, per a tweet from the project.

❗ Why It Matters

The rationale for creating a Blur bid wall at 0.11 ETH for 1,000 PCC is to allow "speculators" to have comfort in buying into PCC because they'll have a "safe exit waiting". It will also provide a quick exit for holders of the project who want to leave, as the floor on Blur is close to the bid wall.

Not only is it newly formed Community Council's first decision (which was voted on in a snapshot that passed with a 91.33% yes vote percentage), but the move demonstrates belief in its own project.

The Details

  • PCC used 110 ETH to bid 0.11 ETH each on 1,000 NFTs from its own collection.
    • At the time of writing, 37 Purrs have been sold into bids in the 2 hours since the announcement, so 963 bids remain.
  • Team will passively use the KittyVault to farm $BLUR rewards, while doubling as a marketing maneuver.
    • The community will vote on what to do with $BLUR rewards after they arrive.
  • The project opted to raise the funds from kittyvault.pcc.eth without touching its Bored Ape assets (a BAYC, 2 mutants, and Ape #9907).
    • In the past, PCC had sold $APE and $BANANA, so PCC notably stayed away from liquidiating anything from the Yuga ecosystem this time.

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