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Ragnarok Meta

Project Information

Ragnarök Meta NFT collection consists of 7,777 Ronin Zero NFTs. Ragnarök is a Lore-Driven Multiplayer Role Playing Game, where the player's NFT becomes their in-game character.

Ragnarök Meta has a large team for the NFT space made up of 27 individuals that together created the game and NFT project. The founder, @0xfanfaron, is a 3x startup founder and has been in crypto since 2016.

Ragnarök is a true MetaRPG, a multiplayer demo can be played on Ragnarok.xyz by holding one of the 7,777 Ronin Zero that provides exclusive access to the RPG. The game is a blend of lore, web3, metaverse, and RPG in one. Ragnarök Meta allows holders to become their profile picture and in-game character. In-game, players Slay Monsters, Loot Objects, and Craft NFTs. They Gain XP, Level Up, Change Classes, Trade, Earn, and Own Real Estate all within the game. 

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