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OpenSea Delists Ragnarok Ronins Due to IP Takedown Request
Jason Bales

OpenSea delisted Ragnarok's Ronins NFTs from its platform today, Sep. 1, due to an IP takedown request. The team is aware of the request and working with OpenSea to resolve the issue.

"We are aware and are working with OpenSea to resolve the IP takedown request," the team tweeted. "Ronins are still tradable on LooksRare."

Ronin Zero is a collection of 7,777 NFTs created to grant holders exclusive access to the upcoming Ragnarok metaverse role-playing game, or RPG. The game will allow players to slay monsters, loot objects, and craft NFTs. 

The collection's floor price is down 15 percent today. It currently has a 0.15 ETH floor price.

This is a developing story. Lucky Trader will provide additional details when made available.

OpenSea Delists Ragnarok Ronins Due to IP Takedown Request
Founder Loses $1.8M of Project's Treasury Trading ETH
Staff Writer

Ragnarok Meta’s Fanfaron apologized for the “poorly executed” trades which led to a loss of about $1.827 million from the project treasury, according to a Substack article from the co-founder Friday.

Fanfaron bought ETH multiple times over the past few months as the price fell from around $3,000 in late April to a 2022-low of $993 on June 19.

“My intention was to diversify our treasury assets and set Ragnarok up for success. In hindsight, this was poorly executed and incurred losses that need not have happened,” said Fanfaron.

Ragnarok was one of the most hyped projects of this year — phase I of the public mint sold out 3,900 of the 7,700-edition collection at a price of 0.77 ETH on April 27 (3,003 ETH) after being touted by influencers like Andrew Wang.

The project converted the ETH in its treasury at $2,900, according to Fanfaron in a May Discord announcement, for about $15.5 million. 

But as ETH continue to plummet, Fanfaron saw “an advantageous investment for the project.”

“But then to protect downside risk and with the plan to reinvest at a better time, I sold our position in ETH, multiple times,” Fanfaron said.

The Ragnarok co-founder said he will be compensating the treasury for the $1.827 million in trading losses through $600,000 from “NFT sale compensation” and a past reduction in compensation by $600,000. He also said will forego wages for the next four months, which comes out to an additional $200,000. 

Fanfaron also said a fellow team member, Krimbo, will return $250,000 in what he calls “an incredible gesture.”

Fanfaron detailed all of the project’s almost $11 million expenses and $19.25 million in revenue in the article and revealed that the project paid $1.5 million to buy out an un-named co-founder:

Ragnarok's Biggest Expenses

  • About $1.827M lost due to trading, slippage and fees (repaid fully)
  • About $1.9M so far paid to ThreeSigma for blockchain development, audit
  • About $1.3M in compensation for core team members post-mint
  • About $1.25M in salaries for core team members in total since 9 months ago (56 people)
  • About $2.45M in compensation for founding members post-mint
  • $1.5M co-founder buyout
  • About $400,000 in salaries for founding members in total since 12 months ago (2 people)
  • About $423,000 for sweeps for Ronin

Fanfaron said the project leaders and the ex-co-founder “did not see eye to eye on the future of the project.” Fanfaron said the other co-founder owned 7 percent of the tokens, which haven’t been released.

The Ragnarok Meta floor price hit an all-time low today of 0.147 ETH — a far cry from the 2.88 ETH floor price the project hit before it revealed May 10.

The news of the treasury loss and co-founder buyout was greeted with futility Friday by Discord members. Fanfaron says the project still has about $10 million left in its treasury will which go toward taxes, legal costs, and development of the project's role-playing game.

“Like the next steps for the road map are f*cked,” said Discord member Junie. “The game that they marketed will never actually come out.”

Some NFT founders decried Fanfaron’s actions, despite the payback.

Founder Loses $1.8M of Project's Treasury Trading ETH
Ragnarök Teases Fighter Selection Screen
Logan Hitchcock

Ragnarök Meta shared a preview of the eventual character selection screen for its upcoming metaRPG game. 

The preview shows the character selection process, as well as the attributes for the respective Ragnarök NFT, or "Ronin." 

This latest update comes on the heels of a recent "Rag Report," in which the team shared a handful of other notable progress updates

The Ragnarök Meta floor price is 0.5 ETH at the time of writing. 

Ragnarök Teases Fighter Selection Screen
Ragnarok Meta Airdrops SLD Chips
Lou Sherman

Ragnarok Meta announced an airdrop of SLD Chips to all Ronin Zero by the Genetic Engineering Laboratory (GEL). Ragnarok Meta NFT holders have received one of five SLD Chips of varying rarities into their wallets. Chip types from most common to rarest are Guy, Girl, Ape, Punk, and Cyborg.

Ragnarok Meta Airdrops SLD Chips
Ragnarok Announces Upcoming Airdrop
Staff Writer

Ragnarok announced a snapshot for holders on Sunday, May 29 at 2 p.m. ET.

The new collection will be known as "Ronin One" according to the tweet from the team. 

Ragnarok shed some light on the details saying there will be five different DNA samples that will be distributed as traits in "Ronin One."

Ragnarok Announces Upcoming Airdrop