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10KTF Teases Deadfellaz, Chimpers, and RENGA Collab
Jason Bales

10KTF seems to be adding popular NFT projects Deadfellaz, Chimpers, and RENGA to its collection of "most grailed accessories."

"New Tokyo is in ruins, but one person’s rubble is another’s gold," the mysterious tweet from Wagmi-san, the ecosystem's craftsman, reads. "There’s opportunity here to close the loop, once I get set up."

The image shared along with the tweet shows iconic images from the three projects listed above.

10KTF is the name of Wagmi-san's shop, which is set up in New Tokyo and where the collection's digital wearables are created. The project has already worked with Bored Ape Yacht Club, Cool Cats, Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult, CrypToadz, Pudgy Penguins, World of Women, 0n1, Gutter Cat Gang, and Moonbirds.

Deadfellaz, Chimpers, and RENGA are likely the latest in its long string of collaborations. Each collaboration is notable due to 10KTF's exclusivity and mystique.

"His accessories are 1-of-1 digital objects that will only be created once," 10KTF's website reads. "Life is good. But he’s still required to pay for protection to keep his shop open. It’s better than the alternative. After what happened last summer, he can’t let that happen again."

10KTF Teases Deadfellaz, Chimpers, and RENGA Collab
RENGA Black Box Burn-to-Reveal is Live
Lou Sherman

RENGA tweeted a short video on Friday evening. The video showed a young character with a flame and then additional characters were revealed around the original character as the screen lightened up.

The RENGA burn-to-reveal event is now live in the RENGA app.

The floor price of a RENGA Black Box is 0.76 ETH at the time of this writing, up 15% over the past 24 hours.

RENGA Black Box Burn-to-Reveal is Live


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