Robotos' Robopolis Lands on Monday, July 25

Robotos' Robopolis Lands on Monday, July 25
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Robotos announced that its upcoming metaverse expansion, Robopolis, is launching on Monday, Jul. 25.

Robopolis is an immersive experience where Robotos holders and non-holders alike can interact with each other and various virtual environments. 

Tokenized items will be available in Robopolis through quests; Robotos' land is coming soon; and non-playable characters (NPCs) have been added to the community.

On launch, Robopolis is expected to have a cinema, shopping plaza, wellness center, tailor, museum, music hall, pirate ship, token-gated special rooms, and more. The tailor will suit up Robotos NFTs for each gala event. The museum will host curated art shows. The pirate ship has a plank for bad actors to walk. The token-gated rooms will host treasure hunts. And the cinema is expected to have special panels.

The Robotos' team said the metaverse can currently handle at least 700 users at one time, but the plan is to handle hundreds of thousands of users down the line.

There are also portals in the metaverse that can transport users from one area to another, some of which are token-gated for Robotos NFT holders only.

Robopolis has been the main focus of the Robotos' team for the last few months. 

The teaser video that the team posted to Twitter can be seen here.

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