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Stanley: 'If You're A Trader, It's Time to Go'
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Artist Pablo Stanley defended his work with the NFT project Humankind to members of the Robotos Discord this week, saying he's going to "keep creating" and working on independent projects "every three months."

"The point is creating. The act of creating for me is what's important. I understand that for a trader this is hard to understand, you see everything in a scarcity mentality," Stanley said in a Discord reply to a now-deleted user. "But, for a maker, if it was for me, I would do more and more to infinity. For me, there's room for everyone, for more art, for more creations, for more people. I have an abundance mentality."

Several users rushed to defend Stanley, who has been working on the Robotos animated children's show, which is currently in production.

Some were critical of Stanley and his new project, though a bulk of Stanley's replies seem to be to deleted users, some of which had been banned. 

Robotos holders can mint two Humankind NFTs for a price of 0.09 ETH on Thursday, Nov. 17 at 1:18 p.m. ET during an "oversubscribed" allowlist. The early access list minting opened today and the floor price is just a bit higher than the mint price — 0.098 ETH — 0.01 ETH higher than Robotos floor price.

"I don't want traders here. We need collectors," said Stanley in the Discord. "If you're a trader, it's time to go."

Stanley: 'If You're A Trader, It's Time to Go'
Robotos, Robopets Earn Allowlist Opportunity
Logan Hitchcock

All Robotos and Robopets NFT holders can claim an allowlist spot for Humankind, an upcoming NFT launch from Pablo Stanley, according to a tweet from the project. 

The upcoming launch, Humankind, is "a creative force led, developing relatable characters and epic stories for a global audience across various formats powered by decentralization," according to the project description. 

Additional details are sparse at present time, but each wallet will be able to claim at least one allowlist spot. 

To register for the allowlist Robotos and Robopets NFT holders can head to 

The allowlist form will close on Monday, Nov. 14 at 10:00 a.m. ET. 


Robotos, Robopets Earn Allowlist Opportunity
Robotos Open Robopolis to the Public
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Robotos opened Robopolis, its personalized metaverse, to the public earlier this evening according to a recent tweet.

To celebrate the event, Robotos unveiled "The Tailor & Tokenized Wearables" where the first 2,222 users will be able to their free "unique Gala garments."

There are currently 26 locations in Robopolis where users will be able to visit shops and destinations such as the arcade, gym, candy shop, cinema, and more. 

Also released was "The MoRa," an art museum that features previous collaboration pieces Robotos have done with other artists as well as an upcoming curated show with TIME. 

Holders and non-holders are able to participate in events hosted in Robopolis.

Users who wish to check out the Robotos' metaverse can do so here

Robotos Open Robopolis to the Public
Robotos' Robopolis Lands on Monday, July 25
Jason Bales

Robotos announced that its upcoming metaverse expansion, Robopolis, is launching on Monday, Jul. 25.

Robopolis is an immersive experience where Robotos holders and non-holders alike can interact with each other and various virtual environments. 

Tokenized items will be available in Robopolis through quests; Robotos' land is coming soon; and non-playable characters (NPCs) have been added to the community.

On launch, Robopolis is expected to have a cinema, shopping plaza, wellness center, tailor, museum, music hall, pirate ship, token-gated special rooms, and more. The tailor will suit up Robotos NFTs for each gala event. The museum will host curated art shows. The pirate ship has a plank for bad actors to walk. The token-gated rooms will host treasure hunts. And the cinema is expected to have special panels.

The Robotos' team said the metaverse can currently handle at least 700 users at one time, but the plan is to handle hundreds of thousands of users down the line.

There are also portals in the metaverse that can transport users from one area to another, some of which are token-gated for Robotos NFT holders only.

Robopolis has been the main focus of the Robotos' team for the last few months. 

The teaser video that the team posted to Twitter can be seen here.

Robotos' Robopolis Lands on Monday, July 25
Robotos, littles Shows Headed to Production
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Animated studio Nelvana, along with TIME Studios, is producing two new animated series based on each Robotos and the littles NFT projects. 

Show organizers will be working with Robotos creator Pablo Stanley and littles founder Wil Lee to create the animated children’s shows, which are the first of TIME Studios Kids and Family division. TIME also has a deal with Toyboogers to develop a show. 

“There is an insatiable appetite for fresh new content, and we have been able to secure, structure and develop these partnerships with Pablo Stanley, Wil Lee, other NFT creators and now Nelvana at an unmatched speed,” said Keith A. Grossman, president of TIME, in a release. “These crucial partnerships underscore an important next stage in TIME Studios and TIME’s web3 approach of identifying incredible IP from the blockchain and bringing it to viewers at home.”

Details about the shows were released: the Robotos series will feature “a group of friends that go on fantastical adventures in a world set in a distant future” and will be called "Robyn," according to the project. The littles show will be about an “adventurous preschool girl who uses her imagination and befriends a set of sweet but rambunctious bears.”

The floor on Robotos is up 17 percent this week to 0.35 ETH. The floor price on the littles is up to 0.15 ETH — a 27 percent increase from last week.

Robotos, littles Shows Headed to Production
RSVP for Toy Boogers & Roboto NFT NYC Event
Logan Hitchcock

The RSVP link for the Robotos NFT NYC event in partnership with Toy Boogers is now live according to a tweet from the project. 

The projects have partnered with chainpass to token gate the event, which will take place on June 21 at 10:30 p.m. ET. 

To RSVP, Robotos or Toy Boogers NFT holders can visit

At the time of writing, 262 spots remain open to holders.

RSVP for Toy Boogers & Roboto NFT NYC Event
Robotos Marketplace Goes Live Today
Jason Bales

Starting today, Robotos NFTs can be bought and sold directly from the project's official website.

Robotos thanks Rarible for its help in making this transition happen.

The new marketplace is expected to save buyers and sellers fees. Fees should be lower than big marketplace competitors.

It also gives back to the Robotos community fund rather than a secondary marketplace's wallet.

Robotos holders can "dress up for Rarible" with these Rarible-inspired outfits here.

Robotos Marketplace Goes Live Today
Robotos Release Video Preview of Roboto Land
Staff Writer

Robotos shared a video with a sneak peek of Roboto Land. In the video, the featured character takes a trip into Robo Cinema looking for entertainment. Roboto Land is being built in partnership with Bueno, an NFT tool provider. 

Robotos Release Video Preview of Roboto Land
What Is New With Robotos? Robopolis Updates and More
Staff Writer

Robotos, a collection of10,000 robot avatars, hosted a town hall on YouTube on Thursday, April 14, 2022. For users who were not able to attend, below is a summary of the topics discussed. 

Key Takeaways: future and prior events updates, Robopolis and Robotoland progress, community roles for building, POAP from the town hall, TV show update, new merchandise, Robotos soundtrack.


Future and Prior Events

  • The team ran an event with Wonderpals at NFT LA. 
    • 160 people showed up to participate in the event.
    • Each attendee was gifted an "Alpha Box" that contained exclusive merchandise.
  • Robotos will be in Japan at the Shibuya Scramble Square.
    • They will be hosting a live painting event where the paintings will be turned into NFTs. 
    • The paintings will be made by the team and guest artists from Japan.
  • There are plans in place for the team to attend both Veecon from May 19-22 and NFT NYC from June 21-23.

POAP for Townhall

  • The team briefly posted a QR code for the attendees of this Town Hall event. Participants were then able to scan the QR code to get a free POAP (Proof Of Attendance Protocol) for the event.

Robotos TV Show Update

  • Pablo stated that they have signed an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) regarding the show so he is not capable of sharing all that is going on surrounding the upcoming television show.
    • The show is still in the works but the team says writing a show takes time, as does the animation. 

Robopolis and Robotoland Updates

  • The team has stated that the Robopolis Metaverse is the primary focus of the team.
    • Robotos will be opening up roles to community members. The team is in need of writers, architects, artists, performers, and producers.
      • A form for the roles will be shared in the Robotos Discord. 
    • Items and tokens will be attainable in the Robopolis Metaverse through quests.
    • Upgrades to Robotos will be done in the workshop within Robopolis.
    • Originally the plan for the land in Robopolis was that it would be tied to the Robotos NFT, meaning if the user sold their Roboto they would also sell their land. The team is moving away from this.
      • Pablo said they would touch on further details of this at a different time. 
    • Robopolis can handle at least 700 users at once currently and the team plans to be able to host hundreds of thousands of users as they move forward.
    • NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) have been added to Robopolis and the team as well as community writers will be able to shape the dialogue of the NPCs.
    • There are portals in Robopolis where users can enter and immediately transport to somewhere else in the metaverse.
      • The team has added contract gated portals, meaning if a user does not own an NFT from the contract on the portal they cannot use the portal.
    • The team has added a cinema, shopping plaza, and a wellness center to the metaverse.
      • The wellness center will be used for mediation and the team is looking for users to help lead the wellness center meetings.

Robotos Soundtrack

  • The initial Robotos roadmap included plans for a music project. While this roadmap item is still expected to be completed, the team has pivoted to making a soundtrack for Robopolis.


What Is New With Robotos? Robopolis Updates and More