What is Project Animus? RTFKT Releases More Details

What is Project Animus? RTFKT Releases More Details
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Project Animus is a collection of possibly 40,000 "unique creatures with special powers and capacities" that will expand the RTFKT ecosystem, according to the project which updated its frequently asked questions Friday.

The creatures, called Animi, will help "Clones in their adventures" and reveal from EGGs — NFTs that are currently being claimed by Clone X holders — after an incubation phase, the project said.

Supply will be "determined by future Lore moments," according to the project. Each of the 19,437 Clone X holders is able to mint one EGG and Clone X mint vial holders that are holding out will need to reveal their Clone X NFT to claim their EGG. The claim will be open until the public sale.

The final supply "will not exceed" 40,000, RTFKT said. A price for the public sale has not been released, but the current floor for the EGGs collection is 1.25 ETH.

The Animi will have different species, designs, and element traits. RTFKT has released videos and images related to Project Animus — possibly revealing some of the art behind the Animi.


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