Rumble Kong League NFTs

Rumble Kong League NFT Overview

Project Information

Rumble Kong League is a collection of 10,000 utility NFTs that live on the Ethereum blockchain.  Each Kong serves as the token holders' access to a competitive 3 vs 3 basketball experience, combining play-to-earn functionality with NFT Collection mechanics.  Each Kong comes with a randomly generated set of attributes that can influence their performance in a match, providing additional depth and strategic elements. 

"In order to participate in Leagues, users will need to be members of Clubs, a separate layer of the ecosystem, giving users the chance to manage their own team and find the best possible kong synergies to be victorious" (RKL).  The first playable prototype will be released to Kong-Owners, providing a first glimpse of the gameplay and what will be possible, and academies will be introduced to improve your Kong’s game performance (Q4 2021).