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Rumble Kong League Unleashes Prestige System
Logan Hitchcock

Rumble Kong League (RKL) introduces the Prestige System, a novel reward mechanism that enhances the earning potential of players based on their owned collections.

The Deets

  • Prestige Multiplier: The new system uses prestige as a bonus multiplier for players' earnings.
  • Prestige Levels: There are four levels, with different collections attributed to each level.
  • Rare Furs Bonus: Unique "rare fur" characters receive additional prestige bonuses.
  • Future Plans: Special run partnerships are hinted at, potentially expanding prestige benefits further.

The Bulk

This reward mechanism promises to enhance the gameplay and earning potential for players, all dependent on the collections they own.

The Prestige System introduces a 'Prestige Multiplier,' which acts as a bonus multiplier to player's earnings. The higher the prestige, the higher the multiplier, increasing the in-game earnings of players.

This system comprises four Prestige Levels. Each level corresponds to a particular collection, with the highest level reserved exclusively for Rumble Kongs. Furthermore, RKL has suggested potential collaborations that could extend these benefits in the future.

A unique twist in this system is the additional bonus for 'Rare Furs.' Characters boasting these rare traits will receive extra prestige, on top of their collection's level. This means a rare fur Kong will enjoy the maximum multiplier, with similar logic applied to other collections, such as Rookies.

🔜 What's Next?

RKL hinted at possible special run partnerships that could broaden the scope and rewards of this system.

🧐 Wait, What?

Think of prestige in RKL like a loyalty program at your favorite store: the more you own and participate, the more rewards (multipliers) you earn. And if you own something really rare, like a limited-edition product, you get extra benefits.

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Rumble Kong League Unleashes Prestige System
Rumble Kong League Unleashes Gameplay Test
Austin Ketterling

Rumble Kong League (RKL) commences its alpha gameplay test today, providing a glimpse of its upcoming blockchain-based basketball game.

The Deets

• Players control a team of 3 Kongs with new tactical action buttons
• An 'on fire' mechanic and ultimate abilities have been added
• Rookies are not yet implemented, but off-chain bot characters are planned
• The test aims to garner valuable user feedback to refine gameplay

The Bulk

For the first time, players can experience direct control over a team of three Kongs through newly introduced tactical action buttons. These buttons are expected to enhance the interactive and strategic elements of the game. The team has also introduced an 'on fire' mechanic and ultimate abilities, ramping up the excitement on the virtual court.

The primary goal of this alpha test is to collect player feedback. After playing 3-5 games, players will be prompted with a pop-up window where they can submit their observations, critiques, and suggestions. This user feedback will be crucial in refining gameplay elements and ironing out any issues before the official launch.

📊 By The Numbers

Rumble Kong League is up 36% over the last 7 days to .299 ETH ($543).

🎬 Take Action

Click here to register and play.

Alpha Test gameplay runs until May 29 at 11:00am ET. 

🧠 Learn More

Rumble Kong League Unleashes Gameplay Test
Rumble Kong League Inks Deal With CAA Sports
Julian Son

Rumble Kong League (RKL) announced a new multi-year partnership with Creative Artists Agency (CAA), through which CAA Sports will serve as the official sports agency partner to RKL's parent company, Rumble League Studios Inc.

The Deets

  • Rumble Kong League, a 3v3 basketball NFT-enabled game, and CAA will form one of the first major partnerships between an NFT project and a traditional sports agency.
  • The agreement will see @caa_sports board RKL's parent company as the official sports agency partner.
  • The partnership aims to enhance the Rumble Kong League's brand and market presence.
  • RKL’s roster of talent includes top NBA athletes such as Paul George, Stephen Curry, and Tyrese Haliburton.

❗ Why It Matters

The collaboration between Rumble Kong League and CAA Sports is set to elevate the brand and market presence of RKL, further connecting the digital and traditional sports worlds. Participation from a renowned entity like CAA also serves to legitimize NFT projects in general and is a testament to the growing importance of gaming in the sports industry.

🎤 Founder Feedback

We are thrilled to be partnering with CAA Sports and look forward to continuing to position RKL as a leading brand in the web3 ecosystem. With CAA's extensive network and resources, we are confident that this partnership will lead to even more exciting opportunities for RKL.Marcus Blasche, RKL Co-founder

Rumble Kong League Inks Deal With CAA Sports
Jenkins the Valet Announces Podcast NFT Partner Communities
Staff Writer

Jenkins the Valet announced the 12 NFT communities that have signed on as partners for the project's eight-episode fiction podcast on Wednesday.

Partner community agreements allow Tally Labs to 'set an episode in their world and use their name, logos, and key lore elements', according to the thread.

Holders from the partner communities will be able to fill out a backstory for their NFT, with characters featured in the upcoming podcast stories. One partner, voted on by Jenkins Writer's Room NFT holders, will also have an episode set within that project's community.

In addition to the 12 partners, many other NFT communities are also eligible to create characters:

Users can visit the Jenkins Podcast website to learn more and submit their NFT from the collections above for inclusion in the podcast.




Jenkins the Valet Announces Podcast NFT Partner Communities
Rumble Kong League Releases Pre-Alpha Details

Rumble Kong League announced the kick-off of a pre-alpha phase of their upcoming game in December, according to a Wednesday tweet and blog release. 

RKL is looking for testers for December's Pre-Alpha Focus Groups, where users will try the game and attend a Q&A with the team. Those interested can sign-up here, with a special airdrop mentioned for those who participate.

A broader 'Community Pre-Alpha' will begin testing in early 2023 with 'a smaller group of Kongs and Rookies', with users playing a basic experience to gather feedback on core gameplay.

Rumble Kongs currently hold a 0.5199 ETH floor, down 4% over the last seven days. 


Rumble Kong League Releases Pre-Alpha Details
Rumble Kong League Details Boost Mechanics, More
Staff Writer

Rumble Kong League detailed more of its gameplay mechanics in an update of its RKL Playbook Tuesday.

The project ran through three variables that can change how each Kong plays in each game: boosts, stamina, and player position.


Each Kong will have four boosts: defense, finish, shooting, and vision. Each boost will improve the probability that a Kong will be successful in a single action.

"Although incredibly important, very few actions in the game will be 100 percent determined by the boost level. There will always be an element of skill and luck involved in every game," the project said.


Stamina, which will refill over time and with consumables, will affect a Kong's performance and will need to be managed by holders.

Player positions

Each Kong will have an ideal position based on its boosts:

  • Center – Primary: Vision, Secondary: Shooting and Finish.
  • Power Forward – Primary: Finish, Secondary: Vision
  • Shooting Guard – Primary: Defense, Secondary: Shooting.
Rumble Kong League Details Boost Mechanics, More
Rumble Kong League Upgrades Animations, Seeks Community Feedback
Logan Hitchcock

Rumble Kong League upgraded animations for the hoops in its Athlos Play Arena, according to a tweet from the project. 

The announcement includes a teaser video and a plea for additional community feedback and customization requests. 

The animation upgrades come just a few weeks after Rumble Kong League announced a major new tournament in partnership with Galaxy Fight Club that will feature nearly $200,000 in prizes. 

The project ranks number 10 in our gaming power rankings at the time of writing. 

Rumble Kong League Upgrades Animations, Seeks Community Feedback