Rumble Kong League Unleashes Prestige System

Rumble Kong League Unleashes Prestige System
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Rumble Kong League (RKL) introduces the Prestige System, a novel reward mechanism that enhances the earning potential of players based on their owned collections.

The Deets

  • Prestige Multiplier: The new system uses prestige as a bonus multiplier for players' earnings.
  • Prestige Levels: There are four levels, with different collections attributed to each level.
  • Rare Furs Bonus: Unique "rare fur" characters receive additional prestige bonuses.
  • Future Plans: Special run partnerships are hinted at, potentially expanding prestige benefits further.

The Bulk

This reward mechanism promises to enhance the gameplay and earning potential for players, all dependent on the collections they own.

The Prestige System introduces a 'Prestige Multiplier,' which acts as a bonus multiplier to player's earnings. The higher the prestige, the higher the multiplier, increasing the in-game earnings of players.

This system comprises four Prestige Levels. Each level corresponds to a particular collection, with the highest level reserved exclusively for Rumble Kongs. Furthermore, RKL has suggested potential collaborations that could extend these benefits in the future.

A unique twist in this system is the additional bonus for 'Rare Furs.' Characters boasting these rare traits will receive extra prestige, on top of their collection's level. This means a rare fur Kong will enjoy the maximum multiplier, with similar logic applied to other collections, such as Rookies.

๐Ÿ”œ What's Next?

RKL hinted at possible special run partnerships that could broaden the scope and rewards of this system.

๐Ÿง Wait, What?

Think of prestige in RKL like a loyalty program at your favorite store: the more you own and participate, the more rewards (multipliers) you earn. And if you own something really rare, like a limited-edition product, you get extra benefits.

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