Rumble Kong League Releases Pre-Alpha Details

Rumble Kong League Releases Pre-Alpha Details

Rumble Kong League announced the kick-off of a pre-alpha phase of their upcoming game in December, according to a Wednesday tweet and blog release. 

RKL is looking for testers for December's Pre-Alpha Focus Groups, where users will try the game and attend a Q&A with the team. Those interested can sign-up here, with a special airdrop mentioned for those who participate.

A broader 'Community Pre-Alpha' will begin testing in early 2023 with 'a smaller group of Kongs and Rookies', with users playing a basic experience to gather feedback on core gameplay.

Rumble Kongs currently hold a 0.5199 ETH floor, down 4% over the last seven days. 


More about Rumble Kong League

Rumble Kong League is a collection of 10,000 utility NFTs that live on the Ethereum blockchain.  Each Kong serves as the token holders' access to a competitive 3 vs 3 basketball experience, combining play-to-earn functionality with NFT Collection mechanics.  Each Kong comes with a randomly generated set of attributes that can influence their performance in a match, providing additional depth and strategic elements. 

At the time of publish, the Rumble Kong League floor price sits at 0.473 ETH, and has stayed relatively flat over the past 24 hours on 7 ETH volume of transactions. Over the last 30 days, 13 sharp wallets have sold 15 NFTs and 4 sharp wallets have bought 5 NFTs in the Rumble Kong League collection. Catch up on other recent Rumble Kong League news here.

Recent Rumble Kong League Sales

#2122sold at 12/07 5:12pm for
#1159sold at 12/07 11:12am for
#7349sold at 12/07 12:12am for
#1975sold at 12/06 6:12pm for
#6912sold at 12/06 5:12pm for

Recent Rumble Kong League Listings

#2863listed at 12/08 2:12am for
#2863listed at 12/08 2:12am for
#2851listed at 12/08 2:12am for
#2851listed at 12/08 2:12am for
#7615listed at 12/07 8:12pm for
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