Sappy Seals Introduces Meme Machine, Airdrops Soulbound NFT

Sappy Seals Introduces Meme Machine, Airdrops Soulbound NFT
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Sappy Seals introduced Meme Machine over the weekend, a platform with generative memes, tailored specifically to your NFT.

In addition to helping build Memes, the Meme Machine website will be a place for holders to check out their personalized meme database. Want to use those memes quickly? Sappy Seals has a solution for that - Sappy React. 

Sappy React is a Google Chrome extension that will allow you to insert custom memes directly on Twitter. You can download the extension here.

The project teased more about Meme Machine and its upcoming commitments to memes in a Discord announcement:

"This is only the beginning of the Meme Machine, with many more concepts coming soon, such as
- Editor: a complete meme creation suite for newbies
- AI Meme Generation: automation tools and creative inspiration
- Market-2-Earn: leveraging NFT communities as massive decentralized marketing agencies."

Sappy Seals also airdropped a soulbound NFT to holders, commemorating the launch and the new year.

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