A Decision to Make

A Decision to Make
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A 690 ETH ($1.1 million) bid on "The Key" - the top prize from Dookey Dash - will expire in approximately 3 hours. 

❗Why It Matters

Although details of its ultimate role in the Yuga Labs' ecosystem are unknown, the Golden Key represents one of only a few truly unique ownership connections to the brand (the others being Honorary BAYC and Mega Mutants). In addition to its uniqueness, the bid also comes in an innovative way, with funds gathered via Pixel Vault's UPDAO. A successful sale would establish a market for the Key's price, whilst a denial would point to just how out of reach it may be. 

The Deets

🎤 Community Quotes

Mongraal stood strong in the face of the offer.

Double it and I'll accept 🙂Mongraal

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