Smilesss Announces Collaboration With Steph Curry

Smilesss announced a collaboration with NBA superstar Steph Curry in a tweet this afternoon

More details are expected shortly, but here's what we know so far:

Each time Steph Curry makes a three-point shot in the NBA Finals, nine free NFTs featuring a basketball with Curry's name on it can be reserved at

Once on the site, users can connect their wallets to be prepared to reserve an NFT. As soon as Steph makes a three-pointer, users will need to click reserve for their change to buy the NFT. Only users who successfully reserve the NFT will be able to purchase the NFT, which has no cost. Users will only need to pay a gas fee to complete their transactions. 

Though shared by the Smilesss team, the reservation process is open to anyone, not just Smilesss holders. More details about the Smilesss involvement is expected soon.

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