STEPN Addresses Recent Ecosystem Changes

STEPN Addresses Recent Ecosystem Changes

STEPN addressed community concerns about recent changes to its platform via a blog post released on Friday morning.

The post most notably addresses the implementation and use of health points (HP) within the STEPN ecosystem.

According to the team, Health Points are a critical inclusion for the long-term success of the STEPN ecosystem, as it institutes a lifespan on STEPN Sneaker NFTs. "Without HP, the sneakers have an infinite supply and would never be worn out which is a recipe for inflation and eventual price drop," reads the team's response. 

Further community concerns are addressed inside the post, like the recent changes to the STEPN ecosystem affecting the burning of gems and $GST

Want to get started with move-to-earn? Read our guide, "How to Get Started With STEPN." 

More about STEPN

STEPN is a move-to-earn mobile application built on the Solana blockchain. The app, which is available on iOS and Android, is meant to incentivize its users to get up and move, literally. The first major project to provide a functioning move-to-earn product, STEPN implements notable GameFI elements to incentivize users, providing them tokens when they go for a walk or a run. These tokens can then be used to improve the game pieces (shoe NFTs!) in the game, or they can be redeemed or swapped for USDC or other cryptocurrencies. 

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