The Doge Pound Partners With Habit Nest

The Doge Pound Partners With Habit Nest

The Doge Pound announced its most recent B2B (business to business) partnership, aligning itself with an award-winning web2 habit building product, Habit Nest.

"This is an exciting moment because as we're navigating this bear market, the projects we're most bullish on aligning ourselves with are ones that operate like a startup with real value to add to this web3 space," Griff wrote on Discord. "Please welcome in The Phoenixes by Habit Nest ... an eight-figure welness web2 business with dozens of award-winning products focused on habit building."

The Phoenixes is an upcoming NFT project from Habit Nest, which is expected to mint in August 2022. The project's private Discord is unlocked for The Doge Pound NFT holders.

The partnership also involves The Phoenixes launching a health and wellness program from The Doge Pound community in the near future.

"With daily challenges to improve the health and wellness of our community, The Phoenixes will be leading ongoing experiences with World of Women (another Habit Nest partner)," the Discord message reads. "You will get an opportunity to earn rewards as you engage with wellness activations, both in Discord and through [Habit Nest's] web3-compatible mobile app."

Habit Nest has been featured in Harvard Business Review, Bustle, Business Insider, Good Morning America, Los Angeles Times, Women's Health, and more.

It currently sells mobile applications, habit-building and fitness journals, and planners and trackers.

The company was started and founded by Mikey Ahdoot, Ari Banayan, and Amir Atighehchi and has since added Lindsay McDermott as Chief Happiness Officer, Jamie Macaffer as Head of Design, and Aston Martinez as Copywriter.

More about The Doge Pound

At the time of publish, the The Doge Pound floor price sits at 0.3 ETH, and has stayed relatively flat over the past 24 hours on 1 ETH volume of transactions. Over the last 30 days, 17 sharp wallets have sold 23 NFTs and 8 sharp wallets have bought 9 NFTs in the The Doge Pound collection. Catch up on other recent The Doge Pound news here.

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