Doodles' Dooplicator NFT Down 61% Since Reveal

Doodles' Dooplicator NFT Down 61% Since Reveal
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Approximately one month since revealing, the Doodles' Dooplicator floor price is down nearly 61 percent to 1.09 ETH at the time of writing according to our project rankings page

The Dooplicator NFT, a free claim for all Doodles holders, initially surged out of the gate, quickly establishing a floor price of 3 ETH shortly after claim day. 

However, since details emerged about the potential use of the Dooplicator NFT, the floor price has steadily decreased. 

The Genesis Box NFT, a companion, and component for the original collection (similar to the Dooplicator), has also experienced a notable floor price since its inception just weeks ago. 

Want to learn more about the Doodles' companion NFTs? Read our guide to Doodles 2. 

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