Memeland: Treasure Mapz Are Secretly Related to $MEME

Memeland: Treasure Mapz Are Secretly Related to $MEME
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In a Wednesday morning tweet, the @Memeland Twitter account expanded on the types of Treasure Mapz that are available, and teased an integration with the project's upcoming $MEME token.

❗ Why it Matters

Mapz were provided to Captainz allowlist holders and minters (successful and unsuccessful). Today's update sheds light on the role these Mapz may play in the ecosystem.

🧠 Need to Know

  • Mapz come in five types: Mythical, Epic, Magical, Extraordinary and Special.
  • In the tweet, Memeland says Mapz "are secretly related to $MEME, NFTs, special utilies and more."
  • Treasure Mapz can currently be viewed on the Memeland Dashboard.
  • Since the Mapz airdrop, the floor price of Captainz is down 22% to 3.73 ETH, while Potatoz are down 14% to 1.69 ETH.

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