Memeland Provides Stage 2 Reveal Updates and Free Mint Details on Town Hall

Memeland Provides Stage 2 Reveal Updates and Free Mint Details on Town Hall

Memeland, the team behind The Potatoz NFT project, shared a handful of updates related to the Stage 2 reveal, an upcoming free mint, and more on its Friday Town Hall

Prsym Collaboration 

First and foremost, the recently announced free mint in collaboration with Prsym is now live

Users can head to to mint an access pass NFT. The NFT can be minted for free and over an indefinite period of time. 

Stage 2 Updates

Additionally, Memeland announced that Stage 2 of the growing and evolution process will take place sometime next week, though an official time has not been shared. The team at the Town Hall indicated that they took inspiration from Naruto and other cultural references for the evolution process and the Stage 2 Reveal.

"I strongly encourage everyone to keep growing their Potatoz, at least to stage two," said a team member.  

Draw #1 

The official prize draw #1 will take place on August 29. An official timer has been placed on the growing website for those who wish to follow along. 

Draw #2

The Memeland team is giving away two MVPs and 30 Potatoz in the second Draw to celebrate the exceptional ratio of Potatoz NFTs that are utilizing the "grow-to-win" ecosystem. 

Draw #4

Memeland indicated every four prize draws will include something special. The first "special" draw, Draw #4, will include a free year of McDonald's food. 

The updates come shortly after the project launched its innovative "grow-to-win" staking mechanism to reward holders of Potatoz NFTs that were willing to lock up their NFTs. Those participating in the grow-to-win game earn raffle tickets for each Potatoz NFT that they "grow." Select raffle winners are then rewarded with NFTs and other prizes. Learn more about the grow-to-earn mechanics in our news update

This story will update as the Town Hall unfolds. 

More about The Potatoz

The Potatoz is a collection of 9,999 profile picture NFTs created by Memeland on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Potatoz NFT is utility-enabled and acts as an entry ticket into the Memeland ecosystem, which invented the "grow-to-earn" staking mechanism. Grow-to-earn allows users to lock up their Potatoz NFT and participate in a raffle-based prize system, and more.

At the time of publish, the The Potatoz floor price sits at 1.678 ETH, and has stayed relatively flat over the past 24 hours on 16 ETH volume of transactions. Over that same timeframe, 1 sharp wallets have sold 1 NFTs and 1 sharp wallets have bought 1 NFTs in the The Potatoz collection. Catch up on other recent The Potatoz news here.

Recent The Potatoz Sales

#8544sold at 12/04 10:12pm for
#8831sold at 12/04 4:12pm for
#2508sold at 12/04 4:12pm for
#6945sold at 12/04 4:12pm for
#7037sold at 12/04 3:12pm for

Recent The Potatoz Listings

#1895listed at 12/04 10:12pm for
#5416listed at 12/04 9:12pm for
#5416listed at 12/04 9:12pm for
#5416listed at 12/04 9:12pm for
#5416listed at 12/04 9:12pm for
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