Potatoz Approaching Stage 2, Prize Draw #1

Potatoz Approaching Stage 2, Prize Draw #1
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Less than 24 hours remain before Memeland, the team behind The Potatoz NFT project, draws the first prize in its unique "grow-to-win" lottery-based staking platform. 

Since opening its growing mechanism last week, more than 90 percent of all Potatoz NFTs have been locked into a "growing" state, making them eligible for one of 22 eventual NFT prizes. However, once locked into the growing mechanism, Potatoz NFTs cannot be listed for sale on secondary marketplaces. This has produced a bit of a supply shock, sending the floor price up nearly five percent on the week, with only 108 Potatoz NFTs listed for sale on OpenSea at the time of writing. 

A user can earn one raffle ticket per Potatoz NFT locked into a growing state. Each week, the Memeland team will then draw a select number of raffle tickets and reward them with NFT prizes from the project's treasury or from partners. The first prize draw includes 20 Potatoz NFTs and two You The Real MVP NFTs with floor prices of 1.29 and 33 ETH, respectively. 

Thanks to the strong initial growing numbers, the Memeland team announced in its latest Town Hall that it will be boosting the initial prize pool for Draw #2. Instead of the typical 20 Potatoz NFTs, the team will give away 30 Potatoz NFTs and two more MVP NFTs. 

In addition to updates on Draw #2, Memeland indicated the much anticipated "Stage 2" reveal will take place sometime next week. 

"I strongly encourage everyone to keep growing their Potatoz, at least to stage two," said a team member.  

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