Tokenproof Now Supports Flow Blockchain

Tokenproof Now Supports Flow Blockchain
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Tokenproof announced that the application will be supporting assets on the Flow blockchain. Tokenproof has partnered with Dapper Labs and Gigantik. Bored Ape Yacht Club, PROOF Collective, and Jenkins the Valet are just some of the names that have used Tokeproof for community events.

Tokenproof is an application that allows NFT holders to safely prove ownership of their tokens and has allowed teams to easily token-gate in-person events, without the user needing a crypto wallet application on their phones. Online and in-person token-gating is now available for the Flow blockchain through a Dapper Wallet.

Gigantik is partnering with tokenproof to bring its token-gating technology to customers. NFT project teams are encouraged to reach out to the tokenproof "partnership and collaborations team" if they would like support at their next event by emailing

Interested users can register their Dapper wallet on tokenproof's website to start using the application on Flow blockchain today.

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