Wolf Game Surges on Trailer Release, Full Game Coming Soon

Wolf Game Surges on Trailer Release, Full Game Coming Soon
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Wolf Game dropped a two-minute gameplay trailer on its official Twitter account late on Wednesday night, sending prices upwards on the secondary market. 

The trailer sets the stage for the full Wolf Game, which is expected to release sometime in December according to the announcement. 

In the trailer, Sheep - a prominent character in the IP -  can be seen tending to and extracting from the land (another NFT collection in the larger game). Wolves are also featured, spying and plotting to steal from the Sheep much like in the initial gameplay. The trailer ends as two competing wolves are separated by a third, crowned wolf, presumably one with a higher Alpha rating than the other two.

The NFT market reacted positively to the trailer, sending prices of the original collection (+23%, 0.85 ETH) and Land (+30%, 0.40 ETH) upwards strongly while Wolf Game Farmers (+1.3%, 0.38 ETH) lagged behind. 

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