Wolf Game Surging On Snowfro Wolf Purchase, Imminent Game Launch

Wolf Game Surging On Snowfro Wolf Purchase, Imminent Game Launch
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Wolf Game has seen a spike in volume over the past 24 hours, with a notable buy from Art Blocks founder Snowfro driving demand ahead of the project's Full Game launch. 

The artist made waves on Thursday with an open offer on Twitter to A8 Wolf owners (the highest-tier asset in the ecosystem) that included 75 ETH and several unminted Squiggles:

The offer was accepted late Thursday night, and added to the growing excitement around the project with the launch of Full Game coming in the near future. 

Alpha Game, the final event prior to the full release according to The Shepherd, ended on Thursday morning. Notable Web3 builder Gmoney took home the top place in the event, with over 76M $WOOL divided up between players who staked in his pack.

WOOL is currently trading at 0.036 cents, up 24% over the last 24 hours. 

All assets in the collection have also seen significant volume increases over the last 24 hours. The floor of animals currently sits at 0.714 ETH, up 21% in the last 24 hours on 354 ETH of volume. Farmers are up 5% on the day, with land rising 29% to a .426 floor. 

Landowners with the mysterious 'Community Zero' designation saw their assets revealed earlier this week, with new attributes such as 'Peak Level' and 'Peak Location' displaying alongside the snowy parcels. The top-tier peaks currently hold a floor of 30 ETH, with the overall C0 floor at 6.9 ETH. 

The project's 'Woolpaper' is expected to drop in the coming days, with the launch of Full Game coming shortly after. 

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