Yokai Kingdom Genesis NFTs

Yokai Kingdom Genesis NFT Overview

Project Information

Yokai Kingdom Genesis are 8,888 hand-drawn trading cards + NFTs powered by a P2E gamea and inspired by ancient Japanese mythology.

The project was founded by international artist Geo Law whose clients have included Disney, Google, Facebook, NYTimes, Sumo Digital game studio, and many more.

Each genesis launch hero card is based on Oni, a fearsome yōkai spirit, and will be the key to unlock the Yokai Kingdom metaverse, including the play-to-earn game Oni’s Quest. A genesis NFT also can be staked to earn $Yoh, the in-game currency. Oni’s Quest is an online ‘deck-builder’ card game, with play-to-earn features where holders can use any of the genesis launch heroes in their wallet to battle through progressively greater challenges. With each run-through of the game NFT holders have the chance to earn the in-game currency $Yoh and special loot chests, containing 'load-out' items that can boost hero's stats and deck. These load-out items will be on-chain NFTs that players can keep, level or trade.