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LT;DR Jan. 28 NFT Recap: $LOOKS Rewards & Yokai Kingdom
John Nannetti

Top News Today:

  • $LOOKS Rewards

  • Hirst Physicals

  • Yokai Kingdom Staking

  • Top Movers

$LOOKS Rewards

The LooksRareNFT announced that the new marketplace's native token, $LOOKS, is now rewarding tokens for trading for all collections. Earn ~1% in rewards back when an item you listed sells. The $LOOKS token currently sits around $4.95 and is up 23% on the day following the announcement. 

Hirst Physicals

Damien Hirst is releasing five physical prints, titled The Empresses. Hirst entered the NFT scene with The Currency, a collection of 10,000 NFTs that also have physical companions, stored in a vault in the United Kingdom. Each Empress artwork is numbered and signed by Hirst, and the sale will be available until Feb. 4 at 12 p.m. The prints can be purchased directly as physical artworks or as NFT 'deeds' through HENI, a technology company dealing in Art Markets and Information.

Yokai Kingdom Staking

Yokai Kingdom staking went live this afternoon via their website Stakers will receive $YOH each day based on rarity as follows: Common: 80, Rare: 120, Legendary: 160, Mythic: 200, Special Edition: 240. Yokai Kingdom sits around a 0.15 ETH floor, seeing a slight bump in sales to ~200 with the announcement today. 





  • BAYC regains its top spot up 44% in volume with 4,500 ETH past 24 hours. The floor is at 95 ETH with no sign of slowing down. 

  • CryptoPunks jumps back up into the rankings page up 258% in volume to nearly 3,500 ETH. 

  • Azuki tails off a bit but is still holding good volume with just over 2,000 ETH floor down 20%. 

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LT;DR Jan. 28 NFT Recap: $LOOKS Rewards & Yokai Kingdom