ZenAcademy Partners With Little Atlas

ZenAcademy Partners With Little Atlas
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ZenAcademy announced a partnership with Little Atlas to create a token-gated interactive community map for global meetups and connections.

Why It Matters

Little Atlas's platform will be used to create a token-gated space for ZenAcademy, allowing members to map themselves onto an interactive globe. This will help members discover local events, make new connections, and organize meetups with ease.

The Deets

  • Little Atlas helps bring online communities to life through IRL meetups
  • The map will be revealed in 48 hours, with Delegate.Cash providing seamless hot wallet access

The Details

In 48 hours, ZenAcademy will reveal the community map, and users can connect a hot wallet using Delegate.Cash for seamless and secure access to the platform. 

ZenAcademy is committed to user privacy, which is why the community map will only collect regional information such as city and country. This ensures that personal information remains protected while still allowing for effective community connections.

🎤 Founder Feedback

Can't wait to see where everyone from our community is from!Zeneca

🎬 Take Action

Sign up for the ZenAcademy community map now, and be prepared for the big reveal in 48 hours.

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