Apr. 14 NFT Recap | Cool Cats Releases Anticipated Cooltopia NFT Game

Apr. 14 NFT Recap | Cool Cats Releases Anticipated Cooltopia NFT Game
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The top news for Apr. 14 includes: Cool Cats releases Cooltopia, adidas Ozworld experience, Shinsei Galverse, and top NFT movers. 

Cool Cats Releases Cooltopia NFT Game

Cool Cats released its long-awaited Cooltopia NFT game. Holders can now hatch Cool Pets by going on quests, earning items, and feeding their eggs.

Directly after the announcement, MILK, the project's native utility token, shot up to $0.07 before retracing back to $0.06.

Cool Pets also saw a jump in sales, running up to 2 ETH before stabilizing around 1.8 ETH following the opening of the game.

For more information regarding the game, here's everything you need to know about Cool Pets and Cooltopia.


Adidas Ozworld Experience Goes Live

Adidas released its "Ozworld" avatar experience via its official website.

Both holders and non-holders will be able to create 3D avatars. 

The avatar generator asks users a series of questions to help generate the look and feel of the avatar.

The future of Ozworld is still uncertain, but links to other metaverses where the avatars are usable are already available. 


Shinsei Galverse Explodes After Sell Out

Shinsei Galverse, the latest anime NFT project, sold out its 8,888-piece collection this afternoon.

The four person team behind the Galverse have now set their sights on producing the "first web3 anime."

Reaching upwards of 1,500 ETH transacted on the secondary marketplace, it appears the community is behind this mission.

Along with starting work on a pilot episode, the Galverse team also has merchandise, airdrops, and upcoming collaborations in the works.

Shinesei joins a large growing community of anime-inspired NFT projects, as it takes a solid step forward after minting out today. 


Top NFT Movers


  • Shinsei Galverse leads our rankings page this afternoon after selling out earlier today. Reaching over 1,500 ETH in sales on the secondary marketplace, the floor price has performed well, hitting 0.45 ETH from a 0.07 ETH mint price.

  • MOAR by Joan Cornella has held at the top of the project rankings page since minting out last week. After an interesting diamond hands mechanic ran the floor close to 2 ETH, the return to 2 ETH has taken the better part of the week. But it is up almost 100 percent in volume.

  • Impostors Genesis Aliens is down on volume, but is also holding its floor price above 3 ETH for the last 24 hours. Secondary sales roared earlier this week before falling off today. It's down nearly 30 percent in volume.

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