ICYMI: Cryptoon Goonz Town Hall Meeting Summary (December 15, 2021)

ICYMI: Cryptoon Goonz Town Hall Meeting Summary (December 15, 2021)
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On Wednesday, the Cryptoon Goonz team hosted an informative Town Hall meeting to provide project updates. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • NiftyGateway listing
  • high-resolution images
  • merchandise update
  • animator hiring
  • future events

What Is Cryptoon Goonz?

  • Cryptoon Goonz is an NFT project prioritizing art and community.
  • The team is attempting to become a globally recognized brand.



Marketplace Announcements




High Resolution Images and Art Basel

  • High resolution (hi-res) images of all Cryptoon Goonz NFTs are now available.
  • Check the pinned announcement in the Cryptoon Goonz Discord for instructions on how to access them. 
  • Holders can also go to their Goon's page on OpenSea and get a link to download the Hi-Res image in the description section. 


Merchandise Update

  • Follow the Cryptoon Goonz Instagram account to get a sneak preview of the coming merchandise. 
  • Holders will be able to connect to the Goonz website to see their Goon NFT on merchandise. 


Finding an Animator

  • The Cryptoon Goonz team has identified an animator to add to the team. 
  • The team is expecting the animator will become an active member of the team, helping to "bring the collection to life." 


2022 and Beyond

  • Cryptoon Goonz will have a presence at SXSW in March, specific dates and events TBD.
  • Partnership with Level Frames, specializing in high-quality prints.
  • DAO formation and Goonz staking is the next major focus of the team. 



Q&A Session

In this section, "Q" indicates a question and "A" indicates an answer.

This is a summary, not verbatim.

  • Q: Will holders get a discount on merchandise? 
    • A: Yes. Holders are going to be getting their merchandise at the cost of goods. 
  • Q: What is staking?
    • A: Holders will stake their NFT to a contract, making it unavailable to sell. While staking, you will receive some sort of reward for keeping it staked instead of selling. The big issue with staking is the gas fees for staking, unstaking, claiming tokens, etc. The Goonz team is trying to find the best way to implement staking for real-life utility such as physical art or experiences.
  • Q: When/how will you be airdropping giveaways?
    • A: The Goonz were bought off the marketplace with for the purpose of future marketing initiatives
  • Q: What kind of marketing do you have planned?
    • A: Hiring an animator and content creator to push out content and add value to the Goonz brand. 
  • Q: What direction do you plan for the DAO/community voting?
    • A: After the merchandise project is completed, we will start to focus on expanding the DAO
  • Q: Will there be more events run through the Discord?
    • A: The team is open to members running events in the Discord. If community members would like to be a part of heading game nights, sports viewing, etc, please reach out to the team and they can help set it up.
  • Q: What is the plan for the animator?
    • A: The animator hire was to stamp Goonz as a serious player in the NFT space. 
  • Q: What would be the best use of a staked token?
    • A: There is no need to worry about the token just yet. Once more details are available, the team will create an announcement with videos explaining how to stake effectively.
  • Q: Is the team working on too many things at once?
    • A: The team does not want to be spread too thin. That is why the current focus is on merchandise and then marketing before the Coinbase NFT marketplace comes out.
  • Q: Will there be distribution companies around the world for delivering merchandise/prints to other countries?
    • A: The team is working with global companies to help save on shipping costs and distribution for holders.
  • Q: Can we get Goonz stickers in the store?
    • A: Yes, users will be able to get stickers.
  • Q: Can we get any sneak peeks from what to expect with the animator?
    • A: His portfolio is strong. He has worked with Childish Gambino, Billie Eilish, Adult Swim, and Rick and Morty.


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