Daily NFT Volume Report | Higher Floors and Lower Volumes

Daily NFT Volume Report | Higher Floors and Lower Volumes
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Yesterday saw Fidenzas selling for 450 ETH, CryptoPunks receiving offers for more than 2,000 ETH, and Bored Ape Yacht Club making its way back a 100 ETH floor. Is Tuesday's NFT market filled with as many notable actions? Let us dive into it.

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*All data is taken from the Lucky Trader Project Rankings page and is based on the last 24 hours of volume unless stated otherwise.

Cool Cats

Bill Murray, who has been in notable films Caddyshack and Osmosis Jones, recently purchased a Cool Cats NFT ahead of his own Coinbase NFT drop. Since that time, Cool Cats has done 72 ETH in volume on 16 unique sales. On top of this, the team did some updates and added a handful of new features to its game Cooltopia. While those might not seem like notable figures, it represents an increase of 89 percent in sales volume and a 60 percent increase in sales from the day prior. The floor price of the project is up four percent in the same time span and currently sits at 3.97 ETH.


At the time of writing, WZRDS sports a floor price of 3.20 ETH, an increase of more than 2000 percent from the day prior. But it's not quite that simple.

The project has seen a notable increase in volume and floor price thanks to a unique burning mechanic introduced by the team. Holders of a WZRDS NFT who stake their WZRD can use the rewards to burn other NFTs. This has resulted in less than one percent of the total collection being listed for sale on OpenSea.

For reference, Bored Ape Yacht Club and Doodles have six and five percent listed, respectively. 

Want to learn more about what's going on with WZRDS? Read our guide or watch the YouTube short


Goblins are currently second in total volume traded today with 770 ETH in sales. While there was no announcement or news to pinpoint ahead of this spike, the collection has been on fire for the last 24 hours.

The 770 ETH in volume is an increase of 256 percent from Monday and its current floor price of 3.70 ETH is an increase of 21 percent in the same time span.

Its expansion collection mcgoblin.wtf has also bolstered its numbers today with 227 ETH in sales volume and a 0.98 ETH floor price, an increase of 632 percent and seven percent respectively. 

Low Market Volume

Despite big sales in multiple collections over the last week and floor prices increasing, volume is still down across the board. Today is far from over but the no collection has traded more than 1,000 ETH for the second consecutive day and according to Dune, the market is on track for its lowest sales day in terms of USD since July 2, which was the lowest day of sales in the last 3 months.

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