gm NFTs Dec. 15: Digital Animals Public Sale, Async Art Blueprints: XCopy's "Grifters

gm NFTs Dec. 15: Digital Animals Public Sale, Async Art Blueprints: XCopy's "Grifters
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Top News Today:

  • Digital Animals Public Sale
  • XCopy's "Grifters" 
  • Crypto and NFT Tax Help!!


Digital Animals Public Sale

After launching their presale on Monday, Digital Animals will begin the public sale process at 1:00 p.m. ET today. The sale will take place on the Digital Animals site, where pieces will be available for mint at 0.1 ETH. Digital Animals attempts a unique innovation, crafting what the team has called "a unique digital soul" for each NFT. Based on wallet analysis metrics as well as Twitter sentiment analysis, each NFT that is minted is attributed a unique soul. The collection has generated more than 80 ETH in volume on the secondary market with a floor around 0.145 ETH at the time of writing.


XCopy Editions, "Grifters" 

As part of their new marketplace initiative, Async Art is creating collections of editions called Aysnc Blueprints. The first batch of Blueprints is headlined by three notable crypto artists, XCopy, Alotta Money, and Coldie. In today's drop, featured at 3:00 p.m. ET approximately 275 XCopy "Grifter" editions will be put up for public sale. Each Grifter is costs 0.25 ETH and is part of a larger 666 piece collection. More than 300 pieces have already been claimed during the presale process, with a floor being set at 11.25 ETH for Grifter pieces on OpenSea before the public sale begins. 

Crypto and NFT Tax Prep

Worried about the complexity of NFT or crypto taxes? Yesterday in conjunction with our friends at RKO Tax we dropped an article to help you prepare for the end of the year! Inside the article, Allie and Sean of RKO Tax give seven actionable tips to help you prepare for the end of the tax year on December 31. The top tip? Understand your digital assets! Read the whole article for more


Vincent Van Dough Takes on RTFKT and Nike? 

Remember the drama regarding the Clone X terms of service? NFT personality and investor Vincent Van Dough has stoked the flames. Van Dough has directly challenged the clause regarding the inability to fractionalize assets by purchasing a Clone X asset and creating a vault for fractionalization on

The act brings in to question whether or not terms of this magnitude can be enforceable on-chain and if so, how RTFKT, and now Nike, plan to deal with it. 

NFT Market Updates

  • "Gazers" by Matt Kane has fallen back 28% day over day to a 2.42 ETH floor. 
  • The last baby CyberKong was minted and the price of the collection (not including Genesis Kongz) has moved upwards ~40% to a 5.79 ETH floor. 
  • CloneX Mintvials have continued surging higher on the heels of the RTKFT and Nike announcement. The floor sits above 12 ETH at the time of writing. 

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