gm NFTs Feb 7: Cool Pets Allowlist Minting Begins, Art Blocks Curated Drop

gm NFTs Feb 7: Cool Pets Allowlist Minting Begins, Art Blocks Curated Drop
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  • Cool Pets Allowlist Minting Begins
  • Art Blocks Curated Drop
  • NBA Top Shot KD Pack 
  • CrypToadz and Cryptoon Goonz Town Hall Recaps


Cool Pets Allowlist Minting Begins

After much delay, it appears that the Cool Pets Allowlist minting will finally go live at 8:00 a.m. ET today. The Cool Cats Team shared an update on Friday allowing a 72-hour window for Cool Cats holders to claim their Pets while monitoring any potential issues. The delays come on the back of a DNS propagation issue that was affecting some users around the globe. For now, the Cool Cats Team has insisted that notes regarding the difficulties will be shared in a developer diary shortly. Allowlist minting is slated to last 48 hours, opening the public mint option on Wednesday, Feb 9 at 8 a.m. ET. Finally, after all Pets are minted (hopefully early on Wednesday morning), it is expected that the Cool Pets game and $MILK will go live on Thursday, February 10. 

At the time of writing, just under 8,000 Cool Pets have been claimed (about 80 percent of the available for Cool Cats holders) and the floor price sits at 2.18 ETH. To learn more about the Cool Pets and the expanding Cooltopia, refer to our comprehensive guide, "Everything You Need to Know About Cool Pets."  


Art Blocks Curated Drop 

At 1:00 p.m. ET, Art Blocks will drop its latest curated collection, "Para Bellum" by Matty Mariansky. The project explores the "conflict of emotion and gut instinct versus logic and reason." The collection boasts 1,000 NFTs that are available via Dutch auction starting at 5 ETH. To learn more about the collection and hear from the artist, refer to Jeff Davis' interview with the creator. 


NBA Top Shot KD Standard Pack 

Top Shot will continue its newest set of pack releases with the Kevin Durant Standard Pack. The collection will boast 135,000 packs each available for $19. Each pack contains four Moments, three guaranteed to be S3 Base Moments, while the final may be a Common, Rare, or Legendary Moment. The queue will open at 1:00 p.m. ET with the packs becoming available at 2:00 p.m. ET. There is no collector score requirement for this pack drop. 

To learn more about the pack contents, view this spreadsheet. 


CrypToadz and Cryptoon Goonz Town Hall Recaps

ICYMI: Last week both the CrypToadz and Cryptoon Goonz teams hosted Town Halls to address changes within their respective projects. A few key highlights below: 

  • CrypToadz is creating a community grants program and a pilot is going live. 
  • Cryptoon Goonz staking is going live. 
  • Goonz clothing line is coming with a major worldwide retailer. 
  • and more....

Read the recaps for CrypToadz and Goonz

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