gm NFTs Mar. 24 | XCOPY Returns to Nifty Gateway, Set to Drop MAX PAIN Tonight

gm NFTs Mar. 24 | XCOPY Returns to Nifty Gateway, Set to Drop MAX PAIN Tonight
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Today's Top News:

  • New Japanese street art NFT project sells out via Dutch auction.
  • XCOPY set to drop a new NFT collection via Nifty Gateway.
  • Loopring and Gamestop are teaming up for new NFT marketplace.


Kiwami Sells Out Via Dutch Auction

Yesterday evening, Kiwami NFT sold out of its public sale Dutch auction of 7,000 NFTs in roughly 25 minutes.

The project ended up minting out at 0.1 ETH and has seen a decent start in secondary volume, accumulating almost 260 ETH traded in under two hours. The remaining circulation of 3,000 NFTs will be released today at 80 percent of the final price of the Dutch auction (0.08 ETH) for those lucky enough to be allocated an OG/Mintlist spot.

Kiwami was created by an anonymous Japanese team of street artists that are influenced by cyberkinetic and urban pop-art with traditional Japanese elements.

The founder of Anonymice was the developer of the smart contract.

XCOPY Is Back With New Nifty Gateway Drop

XCOPY is releasing a 10-minute open session titled "MAX PAIN" today starting at 6:30 p.m. ET and ending at 6:40 p.m. ET via Nifty Gateway.

It'll cost $3,000 USD (in ETH, at the current evaluation when the mint starts). XCOPY and Nifty Gateway also included a burning mechanism for the drop, allowing some pieces to be burned for access to purchase a rarer edition collectible NFT.


XCOPY and Nifty Gateway also included a burning mechanism to the drop, opening up the ability to purchase other more rare pieces explained in the thread below.

Loopring Teaming Up With GameStop for NFT Marketplace

Loopring's Head of Growth Adam Browman published news on Wednesday that GameStop's NFT Marketplace has taken its first step in development and is being built atop Loopring. 

LRC, Loopring's native token on Ethereum, rose close to 35 percent in the past 24 hour window and sits at $1.14 as of the time of writing this article.

Data provider Messari indicated that this gain was the single largest of all cryptocurrencies in the market with a market capitalization of at least $1 billion.  

Users are allocated early access to the project in order to set up usernames and profile information. GameStop stock (GME) also rose 10 percent in the 24-hour span since the news broke.

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