gm NFTs March 22 | Give Clean Water on World Water Day

gm NFTs March 22 | Give Clean Water on World Water Day

It was a mixed day in the NFT markets, as OpenSea recorded daily volume of just $76mm (5th straight day of declining volume) while the crypto markets pumped (ETH up 3.5% to $3107, $APE to $10.80). But new announcements from a top PFP project and some successful new project debuts propelled the market forward.

Top news for today:

  • Market movers and new launches
  • World of Women Galaxy Announcement
  • Charity Water Campaign Closes

Market Movers and New Launches

Of the top 20 PFP projects by floor price, exactly 10 were in the green on Monday, which was a great representation of the overall chop in the markets. The Muri project finally cooled down, after an almost 100% run up, dipping 13$% to 0.8 ETH on 2400 ETH volume. BAYC and MAYC saw volume fall a bit, thought floors held mostly steady at 101 ETH / 22 ETH.

Some notable winners on the day:

  • World of Women up 19% to 13.3 ETH floor
  • Cold Blooded Creepz up 36% to 2.5 ETH floor
  • Doodles up 14% to 14 ETH floor

It was a day that saw new drops command solid market share. These new projects drew the most attention:

  • Women From Venus hit 0.23 ETH floor on 625 ETH volume
  • The Cock-a-Doodles reached 0.13 ETH floor on 387 ETH volume
  • Juicebox Feens sit at 0.095 ETH floor on 326 ETH volume post-reveal 

World of Women Galaxy Announcement

One driver for the World of Women (WoW) project being the top winner on Monday was their latest announcement - World of Women Galaxy. Here is what we know so far about this new PFP coming to the WoW ecosystem:

  • Supply: More than 10k 
  • Price: Free for WoW owners; allow list and public sale price TBD
  • Artist: Yam Karkai 
  • Utility/Benefit: exclusive benefits for the Galaxy owners beyond WoW holders

We will share more details about this huge new addition to the WoW family as we learn more.

Charity Water Campaign Closes

The Lucky Trader and Fractional Art Charity Water Campaign is in its final days, with donations set to close tomorrow as Noon EST. The campaign has already raised 10 ETH for this fantastic charity, and to celebrate, Peter Jennings (@csuram88) and Deeze (@deezefi) will host a Twitter spaces today at 7 pm EST.

Learn more about the charity, the donation leaderboard and how to donate here.


That's it for today. Have a great Tuesday!

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