Little Lemon Friends Release LemonMap V2

Little Lemon Friends Release LemonMap V2
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After launching in late 2021, Little Lemon Friends announced the second iteration of their roadmap (LemonMap) late last week. 

LemonMap V2 contains the project's future plans  with a fundamental focus on rewarding holders of the collection.



Lemon Ecosystem

The Little Lemon Friends team is focused on building an ecosystem that bridges the divide between Web2 and Web3, and rewards holders via physical products and metaverse items.

With the latest LemonMap announcement, the team indicated they are potentially introducing a point system or a utility token to the ecosystem to reward long-term holders of the NFT.



Web 2 Products

Little Lemon Friends has announced a partnership with EATABLE to distribute Little Lemons Friends Popcorn on Apr. 20.

Flavors will be Poppin Pink Lemonade and Poppin Smokey Limoncello.

Other lemon-themed products are in the pipeline for the team to branch off into Web 2 branding through clothing, physical collectibles, and other food-related products.

Other product ideas being discussed focus on Metaverse Wearables.

Little Lemon Friends is already integrated into Worldwide Webb Land and the wearables can be used there as well. 


NFT Expansion

Pixel lemons, a non-dilutive drop, were previously given to lemon holders. Since that time, the team is planning additional ways to utilize metaverse integrations with the pixelated version of the lemons. 

Furthermore, these voxel lemons will be usable in the Sandbox and eventually a 3D lemons collection may come into consideration. 



Lastly, the Little Lemons are focused on creating more content for Lemon's holders. 

If you haven't yet, check out Michael Rippe's daily Twitter Spaces event called the Morning Squeeze. The team plans on pushing this show to grow its audience and be able to educate holders on web3 topics. From time to time, you can find Lucky Trader's coverage of the Morning this view into Chum Chums

The team plans to expand its social media presence on Twitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok platforms and establish more IRL community events and meetups. 

An emphasis is being placed on potential events surrounding NFT NYC in June! 

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