Lou's Blues | Azuki Airdrop, CyberBrokers Rise

Lou's Blues | Azuki Airdrop, CyberBrokers Rise
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This article is designed to track the top NFT projects in the NFT ecosystem, you can quickly see how prices have moved over the past week. As top-tier projects announce more specific details on pieces of their roadmap, this article will be your weekly guide to chronicling the development of the leading NFT projects. The volume of top projects has come back up over the past week after Azuki hype has been a major driver to blue chip activity.

Price Tracker

Project Name Floor (ETH)

7-Day Volume (ETH) Floor Change 7-Day Volume Change
Bored Ape Yacht Club 110 7,863 +5.8% -33.7%
Mutant Ape Yacht Club 26.0 8,239 +16.1% -19.8%
Cryptopunks 67.8 4,540 -1.8% +17.9%
Clone X 18.9 13,995 +35.0% +261.8%
Azuki 27.5 24,625 +49.5% +63.7%
Doodles 16.2 5,104 +19.1% +88.1%
World of Women 8.3 868 -14.5% -72.3%
Cool Cats NFT 8.4 1,830 -3.6% +16.6%
Gutter Cat Gang 7.3 253 -16.4% -39.3%
Invisible Friends 6.8 2,221 +30.7% +123.8%

(data as of 4/5/2022)

Notable Sales

  • Azuki #9605 sold for 420.7 ETH ($1.4M) on Mar. 30.
  • Cyber Broker #3113 sold for 150 ETH and Cyber Broker #6073 sold for 100 ETH to @j1mmy_eth
  • Cryptopunk 8865 for 450 ETH ($1.5M) on Apr. 3. This is the top sale of a beanie trait of all time.




Azuki was the big mover of the week.

The team airdropped two crates, initially indicated as "Something Official" to every holder during the Garden Party event at NFT LA late Wednesday evening.

On April Fool's Day, the collection, was priced at around 4 ETH when the metadata was updated to show an open crate with a pile of dirt. The collection pumped to over 7 ETH.

The next day, after speculation on whether or not the dirt was the actual airdrop, Azuki posted a video with a blue bean taking over the account and the metadata and title of the collection changed once again.

The new collection name is "Beanz Official" and the metadata shows a red bean in a pod. The collection now has settled around 5 ETH. 





CyberBrokers was one of the other big movers this week, potentially cementing its place as an emerging blue chip.

Founder Josie Bellini was a featured guest on Nate Alex's Mega Twitter Spaces and announced the "CyberBrokers Quest," a monthly game where members of the community, including those without a CyberBroker, solve puzzles to advance through Chapters.

The first CyberBrokers Quest just kickstarted with community members hungry to participate! 

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