Lou's Blues | Moonbirds Launch, Azuki Releases Info on BEANZ

Lou's Blues | Moonbirds Launch, Azuki Releases Info on BEANZ
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This article is designed to track the top NFT projects in the NFT ecosystem, you can quickly see how prices have moved over the past week. As top-tier projects announce more specific details on pieces of their roadmap, this article will be your weekly guide to chronicling the development of the leading NFT projects.

Price Tracker

Project Name Floor (ETH)

7-Day Volume (ETH) Floor Change 7-Day Volume Change
Bored Ape Yacht Club 113.0 8,451 +7.6% +58.5%
Mutant Ape Yacht Club 30.8 12,596 +18.8% +125.7%
Cryptopunks 62.5 4,931 +5.9% +87.3%
Clone X 17.9 4,286 --- +6.5%
Azuki 23.7 4,980 -1.3% +7.7%
Doodles 15.5 2,393 +7.6% +76.1%
World of Women 7.4 723 -3.9% +16.0%
Cool Cats NFT 7.4 2,723 -1.3% +283.3%
Moonbirds 19.5 76,802 --- ---
Invisible Friends 5.5 726 -12.7% +10.9%

(data as of 4/19/2022)

Notable Sales

  • On Apr. 17, Moonbirds #7963 sold for 135 ETH ($417K). This Jade Legendary Emperor is the top sale from the collection so far.
  • On Apr. 13, CryptoPunk #7756 sold for 1,050 ETH ($3.23M).

Project Updates

Below, find some of the most notable updates from the industry's top projects including the Moonbirds launch and Azuki's BEANZ announcement. 

Moonbirds Launch

Moonbirds by PROOF Collective took the NFT industry by storm this weekend, trading nearly 1,500 ETH per hour through Sunday.

The collection represents the first PFP project to break 50,000 ETH in a 24-hour period.

After a smooth Saturday mint, many people took to Twitter to give their views on whether or not Moonbirds will be here to stay. 

Nesting, the project's innovative take on staking, is expected to go live by the end of the month for holders.

For more details on the near instant success of Moonbirds, check out our article that details the early trading volume here.



Azuki Spills the BEANZ

Azuki announced further details on its sidekick collection, BEANZ Official on Monday, causing a stir in the market.

The floor price of the collection quickly dipped below 5 ETH as people began to complain about the artwork of the BEANZ, but it never fell below 4 ETH and by this morning had already bounced back above 5 ETH. At the time of writing, the floor price sits at 4.7 ETH. 

The BEANZ can be paired with the original Azuki NFTs and displayed without changing the underlying asset. Additionally, the team hinted that merchandise collaborations are in the works for clothing and toys.

The Azuki team has not yet specified a time for the reveal of the collection, but has mentioned that it will be coming soon. All BEANZ will reveal with random traits and attributes. 

For more details, check out our article here.


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