Lou's Blues: Tracking the Top NFT Projects

Lou's Blues: Tracking the Top NFT Projects

Political differences around the world have led to uncertainty across all financial markets. As this article is designed to track the top NFT projects in the NFT ecosystem, you can quickly see how prices have been affected in the near term. A few top-tier projects have announced more specific details on pieces of their roadmap this week, and I will be using this article as a weekly update chronicling the development of the leading NFT projects.

Price Tracker

Project Name Current Floor (ETH) 7-Day Volume (ETH) 7-Day Sales (Count)
Bored Ape Yacht Club 88.5 9,000 84
Cryptopunks 68.5 5,460 N/A
Clone X 13 4,530 373
Cool Cats 8 2,357 288
Doodles 12 3,063 246
Azuki 10.5 5,772 414
Mutant Ape Yacht Club 17.75 4,693 251
World of Women 8.8 911 102
Gutter Cat Gang 7.4 137 19
Invisible Friends 6 11,074 1,303

(data as of 3/1/2022)

Notable Sales

  • Moonpay made headlines after buying a Gold Fur Bored Ape for 569 ETH from Deepak.eth. People on Twitter have quickly speculated that Elon Musk is the anonymous buyer, after a picture surfaced of him meeting with members of Moonpay. The buyer has yet to be confirmed as Musk.
  • KPMG Canada entered the world of NFTs on Feb. 13, purchasing World of Women #2681 for 25 ETH. "This acquisition reflects our belief not only in the continued growth of NFTs, but in the value of WoW and its mission," said Benjie Thomas, the managing partner at KPMG Canada.
  • FloorDAO swept 15 CryptoPunks worth more than $5 million on Feb. 27. The sweep of Punks was completed using gem.xyz and each Punk was immediately added to the PUNK vault liquidity pool on NFTX.

1/ We have just added $5.16 million worth of PUNK vault liquidity via a @gemxyz CryptoPunk sweep, with front-run protection using @EdenNetwork.

The entirety of this acquisition was paired w/ ETH and staked in @NFTX_ as liquidity.

Why? To kick start the DAO's yield farming...๐Ÿ‘‡ pic.twitter.com/F8FFDB9FLo


Project Updates



Doodles are set to go to the moon and the only way they can get there is their very own spaceship. The new and innovative "non-dilutive" addition to the ecosystem allows Doodle owners to wrap their Doodle in order to unlock a spaceship. Doodle spaceships, which have individual traits and properties, were unveiled on Feb. 28. It is important to note Space Doodles cannot be sold on their own but will show as a separate collection on marketplaces like OpenSea. Selling your Doodle or Space Doodle will trigger a transfer of both items as a package to the new buyer. Unfortunately, more than one unsuspecting user sold their Doodle after having wrapped it into the spaceship last night. 


Azuki is set to innovate in a way that the NFT ecosystem has not seen before. The launch of "Bobu," a fractionalized member of the Azuki universe, will take place on March 6. On the day, 20,000 fractional shares of Bobu will be sold for 0.01 ETH each with the help of fractional.art. Bobu's fractionalization is an experiment in decentralized governance of IP, and fraction holders will be able to have a say in the journey of Bobu over time.

Cool Cats

The Cool Cats team provided updates on the delayed launch of Cooltopia last week. Unfortunately while internal testing shows Cooltopia response times in under 10 seconds, when testing on Polygon mainnet the times rose to 10-30 seconds per interaction. Thanks to these responses, the team had concerns about the efficiency of the requests and the potential slowdown on the network. The team plans to continue testing in order to improve the process for the end-user and the network, and a new launch date is still to be determined.


Cryptopunks hit headlines over the past week when Sotheby's planned sell a lot of 104 CryptoPunks. The auction though, didn't go as planned as the holder (@0x650d) withdrew the lot prior to the auction completing. The owner later tweeted, "nvm, decided to hodl."

Gutter Cat Gang

On Feb. 21, Gutter Cat Gang tweeted "GUTTER CAT GANG x @PUMA ๐Ÿ‘€," implying a potential partnership between GCG and the popular sporting apparel company. Puma's web3 involvement made headlines recently after the Puma.eth account collected a handful of cat-themed NFT projects, including Catblox, Cool Cats, and Lazy Lions to go along with the Gutter Cat purchase.

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