LT;DR Feb. 10 NFT Recap: Cool Pets Mint

LT;DR Feb. 10 NFT Recap: Cool Pets Mint
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  • Cool Pets Mint

  • Karafuru Reveal

  • Squiggles Drama 

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Cool Pets Mint

Cool Pets, after nearly a week of delays, minted the final ~2,295 public spots of their 20,000-edition collection in less than three minutes at noon ET. The volume for Cool Pets jumped as consumers who waited on the sideline had no other option but to buy off secondary. Transacting 2,500 ETH today, Cool Pets are on track to best their previous high of 3,200 ETH on Feb. 6. With the sell-out complete the Cool Cats team looks towards the game rollout and questing for these newly minted Cool Pets. After the rest of the supply was released the price floor has fluctuated between 2.3 - 2.6 ETH this afternoon as the community waits for the game. 

Karafuru Reveal

Karafuru, one of the more recent anime-style projects, was revealed this afternoon. Karafuru is a collection of 5,555 colorful toy NFTs that have held a 3.5 - 4 ETH floor since minting out on February 4th. Although the NFT ecosystem has become accustomed to somewhat up of a sell-off after reveal, Karafuru has held strong at a 3.25 ETH floor at the time of writing. Its volume exploded this afternoon with some larger sales, eclipsing 5,700 ETH today. With upcoming physical toys and NFT airdrops, the community seems to have reaffirmed its positive sentiment on Karafuru today post-reveal. 


Squiggles Drama 

Squiggles a project with nearly 235k Twitter followers, was allegedly linked to other "rugged" projects from the same developers. A dossier circulated on Twitter containing 60 pages of wallet addresses, discord names, and other project scams linked to the Squiggles developers. Other influencers such as @loopify and @ElectionDayMad1 voiced their opinions on Twitter warning followers to "not mint or share it around" and Franklin stating " I don't plan to mint". Shadow wallets were also allegedly linked to fake secondary sales adding to the list of possible "rug" activity surrounding this project. The team responded with a Discord message saying it has "been nothing but transparent" in a video released before minting. 





  • Karafuru leads our rankings since revealing this afternoon, eclipsing 4,800 ETH in daily volume, the floor has held relatively steady through reveal just down 8% at 3.2 ETH

  • Gooniez Gang dropping off since minting out, down 47% to just over 1,000 ETH in volume with the floor dipping nearly 20% to just under 0.3 ETH. 

  • Azuki down 33% in volume as the whole market transactions slow down this week, floor rising though up 11% just over 11 ETH. 

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