LT;DR Feb. 3 NFT Recap: OpenSea Contract Upgrades

LT;DR Feb. 3 NFT Recap: OpenSea Contract Upgrades

Top News Today:

  • NBA Top Shot KD Packs

  • Turf & Raid Party Drops

  • OpenSea Contract Upgrades

  • Top Movers

NBA Top Shot KD Packs

NBA Top Shot released its "KD Certified Elite" packs today. Dapper encountered an issue with the Elite Pack drop where “Moments weren’t properly randomized across the pack listings.” The Standard Pack queue was subsequently delayed while Dapper Labs continues to investigate the issue. A similar issue was encountered with this new drop system during the UFC Strike queue two weeks ago in which Dapper refunded the balance to those who bought packs. 

Turf & Art Blocks Drops

Turf NFT is a collection of 5,041, "Ultraverse City" plots featuring unique traits such as museums, shops, parks, and more. Turf NFT plans to grow an “ultraverse” — a reimagining of the mobile game Turf, which was created by M.T. in 2010. The plots sold out during presale today minting at 0.07 ETH. 

Art Blocks Factory collection “Legends of Metaterra” by hideo sold out 1,024 editions in less than three minutes today. The collection features classes of warriors with "a few items to assist them in their adventures.” The initial mint price was 0.025 ETH, and the collection has amassed over 300 ETH in volume with the floor at 0.5 ETH. Each Legend has its own stats and inventory associated with the NFT which range from soul types to classes and items. 

OpenSea Contract Upgrades

OpenSea announced via its blog that it has initiated a smart contract upgrade to help fix the issue of inactive listings. Upgrades to the contract include a bulk cancellation feature that will give users "the ability to cancel all listings and orders in a single, low-cost transaction". They will be simultaneously upgrading signature and expanded wallet support, to allow for easier access and understanding. This update is planned to take 15 days after which a tool will be available to migrate listings to the new contract. 





  • ZIpcy's SuperNormal now leads our rankings page as the project has started to reveal, up 76% in volume and hovering around a 3 ETH floor. 
  • HYPEBEARS Club released yesterday at 0.4 ETH has jumped on our rankings page up 177% with over 2,600 ETH in volume. 
  • Clone X down in volume, still holding strong above 2,200 ETH volume, floor sitting right around 15 ETH. 
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