LT;DR Jan. 24 NFT Recap: 'Cosmic Reef' & Red Village Presale

LT;DR Jan. 24 NFT Recap: 'Cosmic Reef' & Red Village Presale
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Cosmic Reef

Art Blocks Curated held a Dutch auction for "Cosmic Reef" by Leo Villarael, which sold out after 90 minutes today. The starting price was 5 ETH and the final mint price was 0.4 ETH for this 1,024 piece collection, with the collection now trading just below that price at 0.38 ETH. These animated, colorful interactive artworks have traded 160 ETH on secondary. Leo Villarael's main medium is led lights, making "Cosmic Reef" and its dancing colors very representative of Leo's style.

Red Village Presale

Red Village began its "Mystic Bones" presale today which will be open for 24 hours before the public sale tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. ET. Announcing that the game will be available to play on January 31, the Mystics Bones mint is priced at 0.1 ETH with a total of 6,000 NFT characters for sale. There were1,500 raffled to blood portal holders who submitted their wallets into the Discord and another 500 raffled off to public entrants, with the public sale consisting of the remaining 4,000 NFTs. With a lot to come by the end of this month, The Red Village looks to start the game off on the right foot a week from today. 




  • Bored Ape Yacht Club leads our project rankings page with over 2,300 ETH in 24-hour volume as the floor is nearing 90 ETH. 

  • Hapebeast Prime still waiting on reveal and still trading well, down 40% in volume but still an impressive 7.45 ETH floor. 

  • Azuki has stayed atop our charts since revealing down a tiny bit with a 25% drop in 24-hour volume. 

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