Never Miss A Thing: Introducing Lucky Trader Alerts!

Never Miss A Thing: Introducing Lucky Trader Alerts!

Tired of missing critical information about your favorite NFT collections? Want to be alerted when the Bored Ape Yacht Club floor reaches 100 ETH? How about if a Classy Cool Cat with a Cupcake Head is listed for sale? 

Yeah, us too. That’s why we’ve built Lucky Trader Alerts. Lucky Trader Alerts allows users to create notifications when specific conditions are met, like when a NFT collection floor price crosses 5 ETH, or if an asset with particular traits is listed, sold, or delisted. 

Below, we’ll tell you more about Lucky Trader Alerts and show you how to set them up so that you never miss a thing! 

Note: The Lucky Trader Alerts feature is free for up to 50 active email alerts for a limited time only. Only verified users of the Lucky Trader Community Discord may utilize this feature. Have feedback or notice a bug? Post a message in the #!alerting-beta channel in the Discord! 


What Type of NFT Alerts Can I Create? 

There are two main alert types available in the Lucky Trader Alerts feature - floor price alerts for NFT collections and asset explorer alerts, which allow users to be notified when NFTs with particular traits are listed, sold, or delisted. 

Floor Price Alerts

Floor price alerts allow users to follow their favorite NFT collections and be notified when the collection’s floor increases, decreases, or matches a particular ETH price. Want to know when the Little Lemon Friends floor reaches 1 ETH? Now you won't need to constantly refresh OpenSea. 


Floor price alerts can be created from the Lucky Trader Project Rankings Page, NFT asset explorers, or the active alerts section of the My Account page. For specifics on creating these alerts, please see the section below. 

It is important to note, floor price alerts only fire one time per use. Therefore, if you create an alert to notify you when Thingdoms is less than 0.311 ETH and the price of the collection floor drops below that number, your notification will fire and your alert is no longer valid. When this happens, alerts will then show as "complete" inside the Active Alerts section of the My Account page. 


Asset Explorer Alerts

If you're drawn to a particular trait type, like a "Crown" from the Boss Beauties NFT collection, you might want to know when a new one is listed on the secondary market. With Lucky Trader's asset explorer alerts, you can now set specific conditions for individual NFT asset types and be notified when those conditions are met. For example, if your budget for that Crowned Boss Beauty is 2 ETH, you may want to be notified as soon as one is listed for less than 2 ETH. With the asset explorer alerts, you can do just that! 


Because these alerts are specific to assets within an NFT collection, they can only be created from an NFT collection's asset explorer. Asset explorers can be access via the NFTs dropdown in the top navigation menu of the home page.

To create asset explorer alerts, it is important to note that at least one of Buy Now or Min/Max Price is used as a filter in the right-hand filter panel. 

The alert bell which appears to the left of selected filters on the asset explorer page will only appear when one of these conditions are met. If neither Buy Now or a Min/Max Price is selected, the alerting icon will not be present. 

How To Gain Access to Lucky Trader Alerts

Creating Lucky Trader Alerts for your favorite NFT collections can be done in just a few simple steps outlined below! 

1. Connect Your Web3.0 Wallet to Lucky Trader

Much like other web3 applications, the first step towards creating an NFT collection alert on Lucky Trader is to connect your wallet to the site. This allows Lucky Trader to show you a quick filter of your NFTs and their respective rarities. To connect, simply click the Connect Wallet button in the top right corner of the page and select your wallet provider of choice, MetaMask or Wallet Connect. 

Once connected, you’ll notice the top right button shows My Wallet with the bookending digits of your public Ethereum address or your ENS name now visible. After you’ve connected, clicking the My Wallet button again, will prompt you to log in to Lucky Trader. 

2. Log In to Lucky Trader

While connecting your wallet to Lucky Trader allows you to quickly scan your NFT collection, to access your Lucky Trader account, similar to on OpenSea, you’ll need to “log in” by signing a message that verifies you own the Ethereum address associated with your account. 


Note signing to log in will not be required upon every visit back to Lucky Trader. The sign message provides an authentication cookie that should stay valid for up to one week, unless a user clears their cache. 

After signing to verify you own the Ethereum address, clicking My Wallet will now bring you to the My Account page. This page will allow you to manage your Lucky Trader account and the connected Ethereum address. This step is required in order to create Lucky Trader Alerts and will eventually allow for even more functionality! 

3. Connect Your Discord Username to Your Lucky Trader Account (Temporary) 

At present time, Lucky Trader Alerts will only be accessible to verified members of our Lucky Trader Community Discord. As a result, as a temporary setting, you are required to connect your Discord username and verify that you are a member of the Lucky Trader Community Discord. To connect your Discord account, head to Connections from the My Account page. 

From here, selecting connect in the Discord option will provide the following prompt. This connection only allows Lucky Trader to access your username, avatar, and banner while knowing which servers you are in. Once you've connected and verified your Discord, for a temporary time, you will be required to re-sign and log in to Lucky Trader. This step is temporary during the gated access period. 


4. Connect and Verify Your Email 

Once you've connected your wallet, logged in, and verified your Discord, it is time to set and verify your email address. As a reminder, the alerting functionality at present time is limited to email notifications. In the future, we hope to offer alerting functionality via push notifications on desktop and more. 

To prepare for email notifications, you’ll first need to associate and verify an email address with your Lucky Trader account. From Notification Settings inside the Lucky Trader account page you’ll also have the opportunity to add an email and prompt verification. After entering your email, you'll be notified that a verification email has been triggered. 


After clicking the link in the verification email, your email will be successfully verified and associated with your Lucky Trader account. 




After you have connected your Discord and verified your email, you can now start setting up your alerts! 

5. Build Your Lucky Trader Alerts! 

Reminder: The Lucky Trader Alerts feature is free for up to 50 active email alerts for a limited time only. Only verified users of the Lucky Trader Community Discord may utilize this feature. 

Lucky Trader Alerts can be created in multiple locations on the Lucky Trader site. Below, we'll walk through how you can create an alert from My Account, Project Rankings, and Asset Explorer pages. 

How to Create Lucky Trader Alerts

Creating Lucky Trader Alerts From the My Account Page

From inside the My Account page, users can manage and create Lucky Trader Alerts in the Active Alerts section. Once here, you can create brand new floor price alerts, with the create floor price alert button. For example, if you wish to create an alert for when the Bored Ape Yacht Club floor hits 100 ETH, select the project via the drop down, click the floor price button in the middle of the popup and "equal to." After setting the ETH price to 100, you can save the alert. To ensure your alert is active you must save two times, once to save the conditions of the alert and a second time to save the alert.



Regardless of page, all active alerts will be accessible via the Active Alerts section of the My Account page. Here you can modify or cancel the alert with the icons on the right side of each individual alert. 




Reminder: Floor Price Alerts that have already fired will be marked completed. See screenshot in the Floor Price Alerts section for more. 

Creating Lucky Trader Alerts From the NFT Asset Explorers

Asset Explorer Alerts can be created from within each specific NFT collection asset explorer on Lucky Trader. However, to create alerts from the asset explorer, it is required that at least one of Buy Now or a Min/Max Price is set. After one has been chosen, the notification bell will be present enabling alerting functionality. 

After selecting at least one of the required criteria, you can add any and all trait filters that you'd wish to be alerted on. Once more, here is the example referenced above. 

lucky trader asset specific alert exp...

Asset Explorer Alerts can only be created from individual NFT collection asset explorers and unlike floor price alerts, these alerts stay active until they are deleted or modified by the user. Therefore, each time a Crown Boss Beauty is listed below 2 ETH in the example above, an alert will be triggered and the user will be notified via email. 

Creating Lucky Trader Alerts From the Project Rankings Page

Only floor price alerts can be created from the Project Rankings Page on Lucky Trader. Selecting the bell icon next to the top left search bar will prompt the alerting popup where you can select the conditions you'd like to be notified of. 


What Does The Lucky Trader Alert Look Like? 

Once you've created a set of alerts, notifications will be sent automatically when the conditions of your alert settings are met. These alerts will appear in your inbox from and will appear as follows: 





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