Daily Recap: November 18

Daily Recap: November 18
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Top News Today:

  • Shabangrs Drop, Phantom Galaxies Hack, and Wolf Game

  • ConstitutionDAO raises $45M for Sotheby's auction

  • Crypto market slides after ATH as NFTs hold ground


Shabangrs Drop, Phantom Galaxies Hack, and Wolf Game:


Troubling news surrounding the NFT game Phantom Galaxies as its discord was hacked today. A link to mint went out with a phishing website that tricked users into believing the mint was active. This drained upwards of 250 ETH from potential customers' pockets, a stark reminder to be diligent whenever minting or signing online. Phantom Galaxies is investigating the issue and will update the community later.

Phantom Galaxies: Animoca Brands' Newest Futuristic Open-World Game


Shabangrs, a photography group, released a 3D avatar project today. The drop is in Dutch auction format and started at 0.3 ETH with a final resting price of 0.2 ETH. As of this writing, the mint is still available to the public. Peter Hurley, a NYC photographer and his team, will be giving away an amount of ETH equivalent to a Tesla to one lucky minter. 



Wolf Game stealth dropped today, giving users the opportunity to mint 10,000 Generation 0 wolves and sheep for 0.069 ETH. The collection sold out in less than two hours. The next 40,000 pieces in the collection will be minted from farming $WOOL, the in-game currency of the Wolf Game. Moving forward, each Wolf (only a small percentage of the initial mints) will be able to steal newly minted sheep and stake them to earn $WOOL. The game's introduction of staking and "thievery" is a unique taking on play-to-earn gaming. 


Wolf Game on Twitter: "Wolf Game: Thousands of Sheep and Wolves compete on  a farm in the metaverse. A tempting prize of $WOOL awaits, with deadly high  stakes. NFTs meet DeFi in



ConstitutionDAO prepares to bid on the U.S. Constitution during Sotheby's Auction 

ConstitutionDAO, formed last week in an effort to buy one of the thirteen surviving copies of the U.S. Constitution, is prepared for bidding during the ongoing Sotheby's auction which started at 6:00 p.m. ET. If it wins the ownership the DAO will look to cover the cost of housing and displaying the document free to the public. The exact location and specifics will be determined in the months that following a potential winning bid. 

The DAO raised more than $45M in an effort to purchase the constitution, far surpassing its original goal of $20M and the Sotheby's lot estimate at $15-20M. 

Unfortunately, not all is good news though surrounding ConstitutionDao.  After reaching its updated goal of $45M, Web3 users still minted upwards of 50 ETH of null $PEOPLE tokens that were not intended to be issued.  


Crypto market slides after ATH, NFTs hold ground:

In another red day in the Cryptocurrency market, NFTs largely continued with positive sentiment. This continues a trend witnessed with the last few big cryptocurrency moves. As ETH skyrocketed, the NFT landscape experienced a sell-off. As of now with ETH dipping, NFTs have seen the reverse effect. We'll continue to monitor these market trends at LuckyTrader.com. 


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Top Movers & Market Updates: 


Three Top Movers Today:




  • Doodles continues moving upwards, including an 80 ETH sale this afternoon. 

  • Brain Vomit Garden rocketed 155% in the last day. 

Project Schedule Look Ahead:

  • Art Blocks Factory drops "Placement" a collection of 1,024 NFTs from Cooper Jamieson at noon tomorrow for 0.1 ETH

  • Mojo Heads releases their 500 curated NFTs from 21 artists. 

Market Conditions:

With ETH down and the broader cryptocurrency market red, the NFT held relatively steady, to slightly green. Gas fees have marginally retraced allowing for more transactions across lower priced collections.


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