NFT Gift Guide

NFT Gift Guide

Conversations about cryptocurrency and NFTs will be different this holiday season. But in the interest of pushing web3 forward, consider gifting an NFT or two to your family this year. Perhaps that will help smooth the tension from your "not quite" financial advice from last Thanksgiving. 

Below our staff curated a list of potential gifts for those in your life who have not participated in a gas war. 

Already know which type of NFT you want to gift? Skip ahead to the section of your choosing.


The perfect profile picture NFT awaits. 

Hot Dougs - 0.004 ETH Floor

Yes, I own 143 Hot Dougs. Yes, I know the founders. Yes, I love them. But more importantly, my 5-year-old son loves them too and it’s one of the few NFTs I can share with my family and don’t have to close the window fast on when they walk by (sorry EllaDAO and Kamagang, you’re in the hidden folder). If you have kids, they will love looking at the Dougs. And yes, I am a huge bagholder. But no, I’m not f*cking selling! —TD Marquis

Sappy Seals - 0.56 ETH Floor

What's up, little cousin? Check this out, you know how you do all those Fortnite dances that get four likes on TikTok? What if I told you if you bought a Sappy Seal that you could turn those four likes on TikTok into eight likes on Twitter?

Hear me out, all you have to do is buy a Sappy Seal, tweet literally anything, and add “arf!” to the end of it. 

Now that I have your attention, sit back while cousin Cam goes off on a three-hour rant about engagement farming and why it’s bad for society. — Cameron Ciletti

CryptoPunks - 65.95 ETH Floor

I mean if you got it like that?! Why are you waiting? I think Punks continue to show that they are the historic center for NFTs. Since Bored Apes have lost a bit of shine, it has become more clear to me that Punks are likely the biggest grail PFP. If you know, you know, and likely want one without me even proposing the idea. — John Nannetti 

Pudgy Penguins - 2.95 ETH Floor 

What PFP is better suited for winter than the Pudgy Penguins? That being said, the project also has seen some serious sales of late and is trending upward with new leadership and direction. They are also widely used as PFPs on Crypto/NFT Twitter and have a die-hard community that rolls deep on any Pudgy-related post. Even your normie relatives will think they are cute! Pudgy Country, let’s ride. — Ghost

y00ts - 112.95 SOL Floor

Yes, Solana might go to zero. But NFTs are an attention economy, and few are better at capturing eyeballs better than Frank (the founder of y00ts). With legitimately great aesthetics (love the color palettes and interesting glasses traits) and a ride-or-die community, AND a potential move to ETH (please!), I’m bullish on y00ts as both a fun PFP and a project with massive upside (NFA) — Ghost 



Need a slightly more refined gift? Check out some art recommendations below.

LetsWalk - 1.29 ETH Floor 

Who doesn’t love some cute animated art? DeeKay Motion has finished his 100-piece “LetsWalk” collection recently and it would be quite an end to the year to end up owning one of the most famous digital artist’s editions. Hovering around 1.5 ETH the characters have never dipped below 1 ETH and with no more supply releasing the story is now set in stone on the blockchain. — John

Tezos Art

Tezos has a bunch of great art on its blockchain but ETH and SOL maxis alike will write off the chain because they haven't migrated over to purchase NFTs on Tezos. Many notable artists in the space such as Killer Acid, Makio135, Tyler Hobbs, and others all use Tezos to drop editions or 1/1s at a much lower price point than on Ethereum.

Check out Objkt and fxhash to get started on Tez, as it's affectionately known. — Cam

Fleur by AnaPet - 0.159 ETH Floor

My most recent NFT purchase was from the “Fleur by AnaPet” collection, and I would recommend this Art Blocks collection to art enthusiasts who are interested in entering the NFT space without breaking the bank. While I am a fan of generative art in general, I do think sometimes the collections can look similar to each other, and what drew me to Fleur was its distinct style. I love the “exploding firework” aesthetic that makes the piece feel more alive than some of the other static collections. — Bill Monighetti

Friendship Bracelets - 0.133 ETH Floor

Friendship Bracelets! They are one of the lowest entries to the Art Blocks ecosystem, they have the potential to be Squiggles 2.0, and most importantly - they were literally created to be gifted. This is the obvious answer for an art gift. — Tyler Warner

Any Art Blocks

Art Blocks is the premier generative art platform for NFT and art collectors. With new artists each and every week, the options are endless and the team has rewarded long-term holders and collectors of different sets. All of the premier NFT Art collections - like Ringers, Squiggles, and Fidenza - have been generated on Art Blocks. — Lou Sherman

FEWOCiOUS x FewoWorld: Paint - 0.39 ETH Floor 

If you have the opportunity to add work from a world-renowned artist to your portfolio, while also getting in on the ground floor of an ambitious metaverse art project, you take that chance, right? 

Supply is of course a concern for the cost-conscious, but FEWOCiOUS' paint drop NFTs are set to provide additional utility for an upcoming PFP project (Fewos) and let you brag to your friends that you own a piece from FEWOCiOUS. That should be enough, right? — Logan Hitchcock



Is there a golfer in your life? 

LinksDAO - 0.32 ETH Floor

LinksDAO is expected to let holders eventually gain membership to a golf course purchased with the DAO funds. But even if you can't golf on the course, the holders can gain discounts on golf clubs or other golf accessories owning the NFT. 

And no Grandpa, this doesn’t have anything to do with the Tap Golf game your play on your iPhone. The only similarity is the golf and you getting spam messages from people trying to steal your information. Just try not to give it to them this time, okay? — Cam


The Memes by 6529 - 0.07 ETH Floor

The Memes by 6529 is another NFT collection with a low entry price that will undoubtedly (NFA) be important in the future as Punk 6529 expands his role in NFTs and web3. There are 37 different options to choose from, the art is great, and hey...people love memes. Plus, there are some important messages in the memes.



Tried and true, clothes for the holidays! 

Wolf Game Merch — 0.0349 ETH Floor

Looking to stay warm for both the holiday season AND this brutally cold NFT winter? Let the Woolish Merch collection from Wolf Game into your life! The Woolish Hat (0.069 ETH floor) is quite literally the comfiest beanie I have ever owned (no relation to BeanieMaxi ๐Ÿ˜), with neutral branding that won’t garner laughs from those normies IRL. You might be getting cold feet in the crypto space, but Woolish Socks (0.035 ETH floor) will keep things cozy even as we all head to zero. And as we’ve come to expect from The Shepherd, all items are high-quality 100 percent wool. — Ghost

Digital Wearables From RTFKT

RTFKT is leading the way in AR and wearable technology, and the gear also looks cool. You can find entries on the cheap ($30-$40) for socks and hats, or even go premium with the Alien RTFKT x Air Force 1s for 8.3 ETH (~$9,000). All the gear besides the shoes can be forged, meaning you can get the physicals plus the digitals. But speculation is that the shoes will be forgeable in the near future. My top pick is the Murakami Drip Air Force 1s for $545. — Tyler


Under $100

NFTs on a budget. 

MistleToadz by GREMPLIN - 0.041 ETH Floor

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and nothing says Christmas like affordable, holiday-themed items that harken back to a better time. If your loved ones are nostalgic, take a trip down memory lane with the stealth-dropped MistleToadz, the companion project to CrypToadz. They are adorable (with traits like sugarplum eyes and gingerplum bodies) and affordable! — TD

DraftKings Reignmakers Player Card NFTs

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the NFT market, not a PFP was stirring, not even Anonymice. The floor prices were set on Blur with care, in hopes that new buyers soon would be there…when what to my laser eyes did see, but hundreds of new packs featuring wide receiver 3s. With a little old co-founder, saying “Make a wish,” I knew in a moment he must be Kalish.

And he hinted, and partnered, and minted them by name:

“Now Baker! Now Dantzler! Now Brissett and Gibson!

On Parham! On Cooper! On Conner and Mixon!”

He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,

Filling DK accounts with a bunch of free perks.

And I heard him exclaim, as he drove out of sight—

“Utility for all, and there’s a late slate tonight!” 

— TD


Like sports? Sorare is the premier NFT sports platform on Ethereum. After adding partnerships with the MLB and NBA, Sorare has separated itself from the competition. Cards come in different rarities and pricing levels, and you can make a competitive NBA or Soccer team for under $100. If NFTs and sports are to mesh together well, it starts with the Sorare platform. — Lou

Lucky Ducky - 0.015 ETH Floor

Have you ever just loved something you've collected, and you don't care if it's worth any money or not? That's Lucky Ducky for me. I had the pleasure to host project founder Jeremy Fisher on the Lucky Trader Lounge earlier this year, and since that time I've been "all in" on the Ducks. Lucky Ducky NFTs are the only NFTs I've owned but never listed a single time. It's family-friendly, 3D printed Ducks are coming, and it is a reminder of "Cute Meta." What else do you need? Get someone a Duck today. 


Otherdeed for Otherside - 1.16 ETH Floor 

Although Yuga has been relatively quiet this Q4, the rumor mill is churning. Yuga announced that there would be updates on the Otherside Metaverse before the end of the year. As that window closes to a month who knows what they have in store? Look to them to advance the project that has slowly dissipated from public attention. - John 

Oncyber Space - FREE!

Wives and mothers love homemade cards and gifts around the holidays, right? Well, how about homemade metaverses? With the latest Oncyber tech, you can create your own virtual world and mint it as a token to give (or sell, lol) to your loved ones. It does require a bit more leg work than your typical NFT buy, but it will be worth the effort (plus they have guides on their site). Check out more here

Have other suggestions? Let us know what NFTs you're gifting to friends and family this holiday season.

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