Mar. 31 NFT Recap | Speculation Surrounds Azuki's "Something

Mar. 31 NFT Recap | Speculation Surrounds Azuki's "Something

Top News Today:

  • Speculation Surrounds Azuki's "Something"
  • Gutter Clone Reveal Delays

  • EU Parliament Tightens Crypto Rules

  • Top NFT Movers

Speculation Surrounds Azuki's "Something"

Azuki had quite a busy 24 hours after releasing its first official airdrop and hosting its Garden Party at NFT LA. The new collection entitled "Something Official" has skyrocketed onto the scene, as parallels to other companion collections has been drawn.

Announced at last night's Garden Party hosted by Azuki in Hollywood, the collection has reached a 3.5 ETH floor. What's inside the official box has been speculated on for most of the day, but no further details regarding reveal or utility have been released.  

Gutter Clone Reveal Delays

Gutter Cat Gang delayed its reveal for its Gutter Juice Clones originally scheduled for this afternoon. According to a discord announcement, the website is down due to a "server issue" that is affecting the redemption process.

The floor for a Gutter Juice has risen in the last 24 hours as the impending burn awaits. Sitting around 0.25 ETH the cheapest Juice is now 0.3 ETH and 1.2 ETH for the cat species, as the community waits to see the revealed Clones. 

EU Parliament Tightens Crypto Rules

The European Union Parliament has passed a measure to tighten the identification processes surrounding crypto transactions. The new proposals would require that crypto payments over EUR 1,000 ($1,114) would be required under the AML (Anti-Money Laundering) Act to be identified.

Other regulations being discussed would have any unregulated crypto exchanges banned from completing transactions with any traditional EU banks.  


  • Azuki after last night's Garden Party and subsequent airdrop has skyrocketed up 83% to over 3,000 ETH in 24-hour volume. After some expected a sell-off following the latest updates, Azukis quickly bounced back to around 18 ETH. 

  • Something Official from Azuki is looking to mimic the movements of Bored Ape Yacht Club and its companions. Jumping on to the ranking page following right behind Azuki transacting over 2,000 ETH in its first-day trading reaching over a 3.5 ETH floor.

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club rejoins the top projects as volume ramps up 42% last 24 hours. The recent surge from Azuki could have possibly caused some reaction in the NFT leader's trading.

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