NFTerra | HellCats Announces Upcoming Comic Book With Mercenary Art Studio

NFTerra | HellCats Announces Upcoming Comic Book With Mercenary Art Studio

Terra (LUNA) quickly established itself as one of crypto's premier blockchains with its ever-expanding and unique ecosystem of decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols. Now, Terra NFTs are growing into a formidable alternative to the dominant Ethereum-based projects, especially in the P2E (play-to-earn) space due to Terra's low transaction fees.

This article highlights three of the most important Terra NFT news items each week. This week: HellCats released its official video for an upcoming comic book collaboration with Mercenary Art Studio, Brokkr Finance airdrop is live for LunaBulls, and Galactic DAO announced its first-ever elected Galactic Council.


HellCats Releases Video, Confirms Physical Comic Book for Holders

Official HellCats Website

On Apr. 11, HellCats released an official video highlighting the team's current work on an upcoming comic book, which will be available for free to all holders in its physical form. A snapshot of holders has already been taken.

HellCats is working with Mercenary Art Studio on this newly announced project.

Influential members of the Terra Luna community -- including danku_r, Aston, and others -- posted sample pages of the comic on Twitter, showing fighting between different HellCats characters over a stolen item.

More information about the upcoming comic book and what it means for the HellCats project as a whole is expected in the coming weeks. 


Brokkr Airdrop for LunaBull Holders Is Now Live

Official Rekt Wolf Website

In early March, LunaBulls announced a partnership and collaboration between its project and a web3 investment protocol built on THORchain called Brokkr Finance. This week, LunaBulls posted the live airdrop link for the protocol's native token, BRO. 

Currently, 50 percent of the total allocation is available for LunaBulls holders, and the claim period will end on May 23. The rest of the total allocation will be available in Phase 2, but only Phase 1 participants are eligible to access Phase 2. 

Brokkr works natively with Terra, and holders can simply connect their wallet and claim.

As of the time of writing, BRO is 8.6 cents per token and has a staking APR of over 150 percent.


Galactic DAO Announces First-Ever Galactic Council

On Apr. 9, The Galactic DAO, the official decentralized autonomous organization for Galactic Punks, announced its first-ever elected Galactic Council.


The new Galactic Council includes the main team, community ambassadors, and nebula groups for finance, NFTs, marketing, and education. Each nebula has five total members who will be responsible for allocating Galactic DAO resources.

On-chain proposals for the Galactic DAO are coming soon. This will allow all holders to vote on how the DAO's assets and finances should be used.


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