NFTerra: LunaBulls Partners With Brokkr Finance in Multi-Chain Collaboration

NFTerra: LunaBulls Partners With Brokkr Finance in Multi-Chain Collaboration

Terra (LUNA) quickly established itself as one of crypto's premier blockchains with its ever-expanding and unique ecosystem of decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols. Now, Terra NFTs are growing into a formidable alternative to the dominant Ethereum-based projects, especially in the P2E (play-to-earn) space due to Terra's low transaction fees.

This article highlights three of the most important Terra NFT news items each week. This week: LunaBulls partners with Brokkr Finance in multi-chain collaboration, Levana Dragons releases its third mini game Arach Attack, and the NFT market continues to tumble while $LUNA rises. 


LunaBulls Partner With Brokkr Finance

Official LunaBulls Website

On Mar. 10, LunaBulls announced its official partnership with Brokkr Finance, a web3 investment protocol built on THORchain.

Few details about the partnership have been released thus far, but Brokkr will integrate with the Terra ecosystem to further its multi-chain experience.

The protocol uses portfolios, or ETF-like investment strategies, that web3 users can buy into. The 1-click vaults are meant to simply the process of creating a complex portfolio with a 1-click solution.


More information is expected in the following weeks and months.


New Levana Dragons Mini Game

Official Levana Dragons Website

On Mar. 10, Levana Dragons launched its third mini game, Arach Attack, a strategic side-scroller where users battle spiders to help save Mars.

Completing the mini game earns points for your faction (Council, Free Martians, Terrans, or Guardians). Winners can also expect a surprise airdrop.


The two prior mini games, Salim's Adventure and Choose Salim's Adventure, both resulted in prizes for the users who completed them. 

Salim's Adventure, an 8-bit side-scroller where users have to traverse Mars and avoid deadly obstacles, rewarded all winners who beat its 20+ levels with Levana Meteor Dust, a key ingredient for upgrading dragons in the upcoming game.

Choose Salim's Adventure, a Discord-based choose your own adventure game, rewarded all winners who made it to the end of the mission with a personal dragon atlas.

Faction Wars are currently live, and factions earn points based on how many members complete these mini games.

New interactive experiences are expected to continue to pop up over the following weeks and months.  


LUNA Rockets, Market Tumbles

Over the last week, $LUNA has been on the rise much to the detriment of the Terra NFT ecosystem. 

While Terra NFT projects are continuing to build, $LUNA's upward price movement has adjusted NFT prices in a downward direction. 


$LUNA is up from $80 on Mar. 4 to over $100 on Mar. 10. It is currently slightly over $90 as of the time of writing this article.

All major Terra NFTs, on the other hand, are all down 20 to 60 percent (priced in $LUNA).

Expect major volatility over the following weeks and months as all markets continue to find their footing in these confusing and uncertain times. 


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