NFTerra: Are Terrapins Terra’s Hottest New P2E NFT Game?

NFTerra: Are Terrapins Terra’s Hottest New P2E NFT Game?

Terra (LUNA) quickly established itself as one of crypto's premier blockchains with its ever-expanding and unique ecosystem of decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols. Now, Terra NFTs are growing into a formidable alternative to the dominant Ethereum-based projects, especially in the P2E (play-to-earn) space due to Terra's low transaction fees.

This article highlights three of the most important Terra NFT news items each week. This week: important updates from Terrapins on Terra, an interdimensional change for LunaBulls, and another sell out for Derby Stars.


Terrapins on Terra Release Litepaper for Upcoming P2E Game

Official Terrapins Website

Terrapins on Terra, a collection of 10,000 turtle NFTs with over 100 hand-drawn traits, announced its litepaper for an upcoming P2E (play-to-earn) game, The Battle for Terra: Pins, on Feb. 16. 


The game features adventure- and battle-style gameplay for both casual and active players, the latter of which makes use of NFT rarities and traits to determine power, defense, and special abilities during matches with other players. But it isn’t all about having the best Terrapins NFT with the rarest traits. Items, spells, and a leveling up system allow the more active players to increase the effectiveness of their NFTs in battle.

The Battle for Terra: Pins has three access entry points for holders, renters, and casual players. Terrapins NFT holders are instantly given full access to the game to start earning experience points and rewards. If players do not have a Terrapin, they can rent one for a fee and play the game as if they had their own Terrapins NFT. Finally, if casual players want to play without having or renting a Terrapins NFT, their experience points will grow more slowly and they will not be allowed to compete for $UST, Terra's native stablecoin, prizes in the arena.

The game’s utility token is $TPIN, which can be burned for in-game gold. Gold is used to purchase gear from the marketplace, craft and upgrade equipment, speed up Terrapins' recovery times after battle, buy-in to tournaments, and more.

In the future, the team plans on offering plots of land as unique NFTs, personalized homes for players to farm and upgrade, raid parties, and more. Oh, and the lucky users who find rare drops of DNA can upgrade Terrapin eggs (an NFT drop exclusively for Terrapins NFT holders) into Terranosaurs because what is a game without dinosaurs?


LunaBulls Goes 3D With Interdimensional Tesseract NFTs

Official LunaBulls Website

LunaBulls, a collection of 10,069 bull NFTs, completed The Rupture, a process that converts each 2D, pixelated LunaBull NFT into a 3D character through an interaction with the project’s Tesseract NFTs, on Feb. 17. 

Tesseracts are 3D cubes from another dimension, and once a LunaBull interacts with it, it is transported to another dimension. The Tesseract disappears and can never be used again. But the 2D LunaBull still exists. Holders can switch back and forth between 2D and 3D.


Upgrading NFTs in a non-dilutive manner is starting to gain popularity, as recently shown by the Little Lemons Friends, a project that converted cartoon versions of its NFTs to pixelated lemons made uniquely for the metaverse. Allowing holders to swap between the two versions increases overall utility without diluting the total supply.

LunaBulls is currently in talks with Lunaverse, a virtual world build on the Terra blockchain, to integrate its NFTs as playable characters in the metaverse. 

Tesseracts were airdropped for free to all 4,800 LunaBulls holders, and the remaining supply was sold for 200 $UST each. 

As of the time of writing, the Tesseracts minting period is over and holders will have to purchase unused Tesseracts from the marketplace. LunaBulls that have already interacted with a Tesseract are bound forever to both the 2D and 3D versions of the NFT. When sold, both versions are sold.



Derby Stars Races Toward the Finish Line With 3,000 NFT Drop

Official Derby Stars Website

Derby Stars, a P2E (play-to-earn) horse racing game on the Terra network, sold out its second NFT presale drop via OnePlanet's NFT marketplace on Feb. 15.

The sale took place in three parts: a private sale for whitelisted members, a public sale for anyone, and an English auction for anyone. The private sale included 1,500 common and rare horse NFTs. The public sale included 1,470 common and rare horse NFTs plus any leftovers from the first sale. And the auction included 30 unique 1/1 horse NFTs. 

The auction started at 25 $LUNA, Terra’s native staking and governance token, and ended with a high bid of 300 $LUNA.

Akin to Zed Run, Derby Stars is bringing horse racing to the metaverse. Each horse has key traits and rarities that help determine their racing ability in different scenarios. These traits and rarities are passed down through breeding. Each horse’s pedigree and racing records are stored permanently on-chain.

Derby Stars also has plans for land ownership, horse-riding jockey avatars, and more. The game is expected to officially launch in 2022.

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