Lucky Trader Lounge: The Week Ahead (Nov 8-12)

Lucky Trader Lounge: The Week Ahead (Nov 8-12)

Timestamps from the show: 


0:00 Logan, Lou and Danny introduce the first Monday Look Ahead show

4:20 Art Wars drop was successful over the weekend

5:45 Reddit planning to turn karma points into ERC 720 tokens

15:40 Nyan Heroes drop on Solana

27:10 Art Blocks Curated: Edifice by Ben Kovach

48:10 Thorguards interesting raffle method

1:02:25 Curious Addy’s Trading Club introducing a 100% refundable aspect

1:07:50 Ways to track other investors’ wallets

1:16:00 How will ETH pumping in price affect NFTs?

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Reddit Adding ERC-20 Tokens

Nyan Heroes on SOL

Art Blocks Curated: Edifices

      • First Art Blocks Curated drop of Series 5
      • 976 generative art pieces from Ben Kovach 


Curious Addy’s Trading Club

      • Likely to be minting this week
      • The smart contract that mints CATC NFTs will have a refund function that allows you to return your NFT back to the smart contract in exchange for 100% of what you paid for it, any time for 100 days after the public sale.
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