NFT Token Talk: Introducing An NFT Utility Token Recap

NFT Token Talk: Introducing an NFT Utility Token Recap

Over the last year, many NFT projects have yielded to consumer excitement and speculation, innovating by creating their own ERC-20 token. In this recap, we'll break down some of the notable tokens, their price movements, and news and notes each week.
NFT Daily Recap Feb. 21:

LT;DR Feb. 21 NFT Recap: OpenSea Turmoil

Today in NFTs Feb. 21: OpenSea ran into issues this weekend as a hacker stole 254 NFT token.
NFT Daily Recap Feb. 18: NFL All Day Premium Packs

LT;DR Feb. 18 NFT Recap: NFL All Day Premium Packs

Today in NFTs Feb. 18: NFL All Day released 28,000 Super Bowl LVI Premium Packs this afternoon
NFT Daily Recap Feb. 17: NBA Top Shot 1/1

LT;DR Feb. 17 NFT Recap: NBA Top Shot 1/1

Today in NFTs Feb. 17: Top Shot announced a new 1-of-1 NFT that will grant VIP access to the next five All-Star games.
gm NFTs Feb. 17: NFT Worlds, Cameo Pass Public Sale

gm NFTs Feb. 17: Cameo Pass Public Sale, NFT Worlds Keeps Rising

Top NFT News Today: NFT Worlds won't stop moving higher, plus Cameo Pass holds a public sale for the remaining pieces of its NFT collection.
gm NFTs Feb 15: Super Bowl Hangover, Real Estate NFT

gm NFTs Feb 15: Super Bowl Hangover, Real Estate NFTs

Top NFT News Today: Super Bowl Hangover leads to second lowest OpenSea volume day in 2022, the first real estate backed NFT is minted, and more.
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